In which part of Europe is Amsterdam located?

Where is Amsterdam?


Amsterdam is in the northwest part of the European continent, close to the North Sea. It is the capital city of the Netherlands, with a population of about 820,000. It is also the main city of the Dutch province of North Holland. Amsterdam is only around 1,000 years old, because it couldn’t start to be built until the completion of land reclamation projects in the Middle Ages.

It was granted a charter as a city in the early 14th century. Amsterdam lies somewhat north of 52 degrees latitude and just under 5 degrees east of the Greenwich meridian in London.


Which countries are near to Amsterdam?


The closest foreign countries to Amsterdam are Belgium and Germany. The closest major Belgian city is Antwerp, which lies about 150 kilometres to the south. To the southeast, the small German city of Kleve is around 120 kilometres away. Another important connection with Germany is the River Rhine, which Amsterdam has access to by means of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. This flows through Utrecht on its way to the border. Water transport is important to Amsterdam, and the city’s network of canals now forms a major tourist attraction.


How does Amsterdam’s location help its trade?


Amsterdam’s position close to the North Sea means that it’s a popular destination for both business and tourism from the United Kingdom. Other countries which take advantage of its geographical proximity include France and Denmark. Because Amsterdam enjoys a temperate climate, its canals and other waterways are free of ice for most of the year. Although Rotterdam about 65 kilometres to the southwest is larger, the Port of Amsterdam on the North Sea Canal is still the fourth busiest seaport anywhere in Europe.


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