What is the flight time to the Netherlands from India?

Many international airlines offer flights from India to the Netherlands. The distance between the two countries is 6,964 kilometres or 4,327 miles. There are many flights from the main cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. Flights leaving India for the Netherlands usually take off in the morning. The average time to fly to Holland from India is approximately eight hours and thirty-four minutes. However, the time may alter depending on which airports are involved. A flight from India to Amsterdam with one stopover lasts an average of thirteen hours and forty-five minutes.



Direct, Non-Stop flight time from India to the Netherlands


KLM offers direct flights from India to the Netherlands. KLM’s direct, non-stop flights leave from Delhi and arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This route has five KLM flights each week. Each direct flight takes around eight hours and thirty-five minutes. KLM also has flights leaving Bangalore and Mumbai for Arnhem Airport. Jet Airways operates a similar schedule between India and the Netherlands. Non-stop, direct flights are available from Jet Airways up to three tines per day. They fly to Amsterdam Schiphol from cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.



Indirect flight time from India to the Netherlands


Air India operates several flights each week from Indian cities to the Netherlands. The airline takes off from New Delhi and makes one scheduled stop at Paris before arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. An alternative stopover on the New Delhi to Amsterdam route takes place at London Heathrow Airport. The flight can last up to twelve hours and ten minutes. British Airways flies several times each week to the Netherlands from India. A typical flight takes off from New Delhi and makes a scheduled stopover at London Heathrow Airport. The flight continues to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The flight takes a total of fifteen hours and fifteen minutes.



Airlines operating flights from India to Holland


Air France has regular indirect flights from India to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. They take off from New Delhi every day of the week. The flights usually include a brief stopover at Paris. The flight lasts a total of fourteen hours and fifteen minutes. Other airlines flying from India to the Netherlands include Air Arabia with a single stopover at Abu Dhabi


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