Does Amsterdam have Uber?

Does Amsterdam have Uber?

If you ever find yourself conducting research around the question of whether or not the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam has Uber availability, you’re probably a seasoned traveller who has had to deal with some issues Uber has in many destinations located in developing countries. For instance, in places like Cairo, Egypt, there’s somewhat of a ‘war’ between Uber drivers and traditional taxi operators, and although Uber works perfectly, you’d get a different story about its availability depending on who you ask.

Fortunately there are no such headaches when it comes to Uber in Amsterdam, with every indication of just how efficiently the famous ride-sharing app works, along with its underlying system and platform.


Uber in Amsterdam

It gets better though with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport pickups, allowing you to get detailed directions that will lead you to the exact location of your pickup point. Free airport Wi-Fi is probably something that is synonymous with Amsterdam of all places, perhaps as an extension of the coffee shop culture associated with this popular tourist hub of Europe, where the concept of free Wi-Fi was ratified…

As far as the rides go, Amsterdam serves as somewhat of a blueprint model for how Uber works, with the standard options available including UberBlack, UberVan and UberX, which I’m sure you know all about with regards to which one makes for a personal preference on account of the cost and the associated service. Most of the routes are modelled around transfers to and from Schiphol Airport, which only makes sense since it’s pretty easy to get around the city via public transport, if not by bicycle, of course.


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