Does Amsterdam Central Train Station have luggage storage?

Does Amsterdam Central have luggage storage?

There are automated luggage lockers at Amsterdam Central station. The lockers are positioned in the eastern passageway that is close to the city side entrance. There are signs with a suitcase symbol that will guide you to the tunnel marked ‘bagage’ which is close to the stairway that leads to platform 2.

Several map boards around Amsterdam Central provide the layout of the station. But the position of the luggage lockers is not easy to find.

The lockers are of 2 sizes. Small lockers (45com high x 90cm deep x 40 cm wide); this size is good for standard luggage. If you have a bigger suitcase, you can use the large lockers (60cm high x 90 cm deep x 40 cm wide).

If you want to rent the lockers for 24 hours, you will pay 7 Euros for the small locker and 10 Euros for the larger locker. If you want to increase the period of your lease, you will pay more.

If you do not pick your luggage within 72 hours, you will be charged a penalty fee. This will include 70 Euros for recovery charges from the lost property section.


How to rent a locker at the Amsterdam Central Station

Look for an empty locker and lock your things inside. A red indicator will light up. Pay for the first 24-hours at an automatic paying terminal. You can use Maestro plus Mastercard, PIN cards, or Visa credit. Cash is not used.

Once you pay for the locker, you will get a ticket with your locker number. Keep the ticket safe. If you lose it, you will pay 10 Euros. When you come back from your trip, insert the ticket in the slot. The locker will open automatically if you do not have any extra charges.


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