Does Amsterdam Airport have free WiFi?

Entertainment Facilities at Amsterdam Airport

If you are travelling to Amsterdam Netherlands, You will most probably land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This airport, formally known as Schiphol airport is the main international airport in the Netherlands. Its location is approximately 9 kilometres southwest of the city.The airport has a modern set-up with modern facilities to facilitate passenger’s comfort. Some of the entertainment facilities you can enjoy at this airport include airport lounges, airport hostels, sleep pods and day rooms. Below is a detailed list of all the entertainment facilities

Free Wi-Fi

This airport boasts of a 24 hours high-speed Wi-Fi connection. The WI-FI is accessible from anywhere in the airport and is compatible with all devices, including laptops and mobile phones. The Wi-Fi is set to serve you for four hours, but you can reconnect as soon as the session ends. There is also a premium Wi-Fi service which is accessible at a fee. You can pay for the premium Wi-Fi service using credit cards, debit cards or vouchers available in the airport. Passengers without internet compatible devices can access the internet using computers in internet centres. Here you will also get extra services such as free printing for the first five pages.

Shopping Outlets

Apart from the free Wi-Fi, you can kill the boredom in the airport by spending time in the shops located inside the airport. These shops stock a lot of pleasing goods and services, fitting your tastes and preferences. These shops mostly deal with perfumes, cosmetics, electronics, gifts, watches and jewellery.

Airport Lounges

Amsterdam Airpot also has pay-per-use lounges that you can enjoy regardless of your flight class. You can either subscribe to the lounge’s membership programs or purchase a lounge pass at the entrance. The lounges offer a wide range of services such as snacks and drinks, Wi-Fi, magazine and TVs. You can also choose the right choice from different lounges spread in the airport.

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