British Airways Economy vs Premium Economy

British Airways is a very popular airline. There are several in-flight categories to choose from including Economy and Premium Economy. Many travellers on a budget consider Economy, or World Traveller Class, an excellent choice. Premium Economy is also referred to as World Traveller Plus. This class is one category below Business flights. But is it worth paying more to travel on Premium Economy?



Cabin Space


Economy has the highest number of rows and seats. Premium Economy usually has just four or five rows. It makes the cabin area more spacious with a much quieter atmosphere. Passengers in Economy have limited space while those in Premium have approximately 5 inches (12.5 centimetres) more leg room. You also gain slightly more space between the seats allowing you to read or work more comfortably.





Comfortable seats are always beneficial, particularly on long-haul flights. Premium Economy seats generally offer more relaxation. They are slightly wider and include improved rests for the head and feet. The seat also has an incline of 38 inches (96.5 centimetres) compared to 31 inches (78.7 centimetres). The Premium seat offers a more relaxed position, allowing you to rest or sleep more comfortably. The pillow and blanket supplied with the Premium seat are generally superior in quality.





The meals in both classes are very similar. A three-course evening meal usually offers the same choices for appetisers and desserts. A typical starter is asparagus with boiled eggs. Dessert is usually cake or biscuits with cheese. One difference between the two categories is the main course. Premium Economy offers a small choice of dishes from the Business class menu. These might include roast beef and seasonal vegetables or lasagne. Meal presentation is noticeably different. In Economy, meals are served in their original containers. Premium meals are served on porcelain. Tea, coffee and wine are available in both categories.





On Demand programmes are usually available in both Economy and Premium classes. You can access the same pre-recorded news items, films and television series. The flat screen monitors in Premium Economy are up to 60% larger. Headphones or earbuds in Premium Economy are often of a higher quality.



Lounge Access and Baggage


In both classes you can take two bags weighing twenty-three kilograms each plus a cabin bag. You can only access the lounges of British Airways if you’re a member of the Executive Club. Alternative lounges are accessible if you purchase a Priority Pass. And if you’re a Premium passenger, you have priority boarding.





Economy and Premium Economy classes on British Airways are both fairly similar. However, travelling Premium Economy offers more space. The meals have a superior presentation and menu choices. But Premium Economy passengers usually gain the most benefit from the seats. They are ergonomically designed, supportive and comfortably padded. They help you relax and sleep during the flight.


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