30 best wedding gift ideas for colleagues

best marriage presents for coworkers

Your colleague is getting married, and you are not quite sure what to give them? You already went looking, but you can’t seem to find the right item? In this post, we will share our 30 best marriage gift ideas for colleagues to make it easy for you.



Great wedding gifts for coworkers No. 1 – No. 10



1. Away Carry-on

This is a unique gift that your favourite couple will definitely love. A Carry-on suitcase will serve them for many years to come.



2. Le Creuset round casserole

These lovely pieces of cookware will last a lifetime. They are great for stews and soups. You can find them in up to eight colours.



3. Parachute waffle towels

These ones are made of 100% Turkish cotton. They will help improve your favourite couple’s bath routine. They come in textured honeycomb weave, which is great.



4. Breville compact smart oven

This is one appliance that the newlywed will put into good use. It comes with unique features that will give them a pleasurable cooking experience.



5. Crosley portable turntable

This exciting item was first designed in 1960. It is a throwback turntable that comes in handy when your colleague needs something portable and easy to operate.



6. Decorating help from decorist

If they are planning to move in soon, then you can hire them an expert decorist. They will love the interior and exterior artwork packed in their new living space.



7. Personalised Keepsake Box

This is a beautiful wedding gift that your colleague won’t resist. It can be engraved with the names of the newlyweds to show that you have them at heart.



8. Wooden pot planter

This is a rustic pot planter that comes with an aluminium strip stamped along the front. You can use that to show your happy wishes for your colleague.



9. Custom watercolor painting

This is an original painted watercolour, and they will appreciate your efforts to make them happy. You can either pick a couple portrait or engagement photos.



10. Designer pyjamas

Everyone deserves a quality sleep. When your colleague gets married, you want to keep them comfortable at night by getting them designer pyjamas.



Top marriage present ideas for colleagues No. 11 – No. 20



11. Watches

Watches come in different styles and designs, and you can never go wrong with them. Pick your colleague’s favourite colour and gift them with a watch during their wedding.



12. Bathrobes

Pick bathrobes that are made of linens, and they will love them. Bathrobes can be special gifts when they come from someone we value in our lives.



13. Aura digital photo frame

This is a functional frame that will let your colleague share photos with other family members. The frame features facial recognition software.



14. Nikon D3500 DSLR camera

Even if you have a top-notch phone camera, it won’t match this one. Give it to your colleague so that they take quality photos on their wedding day and life after.



15. Chef’s Knife

Cooking is one of the things that people enjoy doing at home. If your colleague is getting married, they will do a lot of cooking, so why not gift them with a chef’s knife?



16. Personalized cheese board

If your colleague has a passion for cheese, then she deserves her own cheese board. Get it customized with the couple’s initials and texts that they will love.



17. LED love lamp

The LED love light can be great for romantic nights. They might need some LED lights to improve their home décor.



18. Duvet cover

Comfort at night and during winter is valued more than anything else. Gift your colleague with a beautiful duvet to keep them warm as a couple when it gets cold.



19. Kolo Hudson photo album

This one comes in a range of colours, so you will be spoilt for choice. They are made with acid-free paper and is great for cataloguing Instagram photos.



20. Monogram carving board

This boar is primarily designed for poultry, meat, and other types of roasts. Your favourite couple would be glad you gave it to them.



Best wedding gift ideas for work colleagues No. 21 – No. 30



21. Instant pot

The instant pot is the one thing that is dominating most kitchens these days. It is highly versatile and can be used to prepare a number of dishes.



22. Wedding venue print

If you have been invited to the wedding, then you probably know the venue. Why not come up with a dazzling print of the venue and give your colleague something she or he (they!) will cherish for years to come.



23. Board games

Board games provide the best way to unplug from busy days and have fun with the people we love. They are many types of board games to choose from.



24. The large suitcase

If your colleague is a traveller, then the large suitcase would come in handy. Choose one that is strong, waterproof, and highly durable.



25. Wine from the wedding venue

How nice is it to be able to drink the same wine after one year, five years, ten years of marriage as on the wedding day?



26. Foil map print

Gift you’re a colleague a foil map of a given place. The foil map is stunning and comes in different sizes and prices.



27. Picture gallery wall set

Wedding photos should always be shown off. But they need to be creatively, and attractively displayed. Could you help them with that?



28. Recipe booklet

Cooking is an adventure that will never go stale. Encourage your newly wedded colleague to try new cooking ideas with a recipe booklet.



29. Hot air balloon for two

Hot air balloon for two is a creative way to show you colleague that you are happy for their marriage. Hot air balloon for two will give them quality time together.



30. Cookery course voucher

If your colleague enjoys cooking, then cookery course voucher would be a perfect gift.



Bottom line for marriage gifs for colleagues


Show your colleague some love by giving them any of the gifts above on their wedding day. Be sure to pick the right colours, style or version, that will match their taste.



Bonus gift idea: a weekend trip

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