35 seriously awesome work anniversary gift ideas


Finding the best work anniversary ideas should not be a hard task, especially when you have a comprehensive list like this one. Here are our 35 best 20-year work anniversary gifts.




Coworker anniversary gift ideas No 1 – 10



  1. Tile Tracker


Tech will always be welcome, more so when they offer a new world of utility. This one will keep your precious stuff within work.




  1. Hand-written Note


A hand-written note is a powerful thing that you must never undermine. It is simple but will do the trick.




  1. Puppy Party


Staying around puppies is great for your health. It will help you relieve stress and make you more productive.




  1. A Nice Backpack


If you are the type that enjoys traveling and carrying things around, then this one will be a perfect gift.




  1. Candle Reed Diffuser


A reed diffuser alongside a jersey blanket is a perfect gift for someone celebrating their 20-year work anniversary.




  1. Travel Amenities


Twenty years at work is a 100% indication that someone’s career has been successful. So give them travel amenities and encourage them to tour the world.




  1. Vitruvi Diffuser


This gift will soothe their senses and banish their stress. Best of all, they are affordable.



  1. Wine Set


A wine set might include a bottle thermometer, stackable glasses, modern corkscrew, etc.




  1. Relaxation Set


Maybe all your colleague need is some me-time. Gift them premium tea, plush blanket, cozy mug, etc.



  1. Remote Day of Day Off


Your employees need flexibility more than anything. Thus, a day or remote day might be a great gift to them.




Anniversary & Colleague gift ideas No 11 – 20


  1. Framed Photograph


Think about something unique that your employee would love and gift them a picture of it in a nice frame.



  1. Snappy Gift


You might consider sending a gift that is not too expensive but relevant. This might be an espresso machine, a luxury gym membership, or a nice piece of jewelry.




  1. A Five-Minute Journal


This gift will make it easier for your team to commence their day with a focus on gratitude.




  1. Cozy Home Set


These might include blankets and a kinto mug. Make your worker happy by giving them extra comfort at home.




  1. Travel Set


20 years in a company is not a joke. Gift your employee with a camera, backpack, a laptop, etc.




  1. A Seat at The Table


After serving a company for 20 years, most workers deserve a stronger voice in the workplace, so give them some recognition.




  1. Custom T-shirt


Let your workers know you care about them by giving them something a little personal.




  1. A Party


If your employee loves to party, then this might be the best time to join them and have fun together.




  1. A Promotion


If they have been there for 20 years, then they are doing a great job, thus promotion is a great idea.




  1. A Trophy


Each time they go back home, they will see the trophy and feel accomplished.




Work anniversary gift ideas No 21 – 35


  1. Standing Desk


This one is a little expensive, but hey, they have been working for you for 20 years, so it’s worth it.




  1. A Car


It doesn’t have to be a world-class car, but just something to remind them that they are valued.




  1. A Designer Suit


Make your worker look classic and neat by gifting them a suit.




  1. Free Air Ticket


Ask them where in the world they would like to visit and offer to sponsor their flight to and from that place.




  1. Shopping


Ask your employee to shop for anything they want and pay for it. Let them know your budget.




  1. Pay for a Concert


Everyone has a favorite music artist that they would like to watch perform.




  1. A Television Set


There is a good chance they already have a TV set, but you can get them a luxurious one to show that you appreciate their efforts.




  1. PS4


If we are talking about a male worker, there is no way they are going to turn down your PS4 gift.




  1. Free Course


For instance, if your worker is an engineer who is interested in tech, you can sponsor their short IT course.




  1. Leadership Training


Prepare them for leadership roles by sharing some tips during the 20-year work anniversary.




  1. Dinner at The CEO’s House


Your workers should feel as close to you as possible, and you can show that by inviting them to dinner at your house.




  1. Home Renovation


To appreciate their time and effort, give them a nice place to live by paying for their home renovation.




  1. A Place of Honor


Their contributions in the company will go down in history. So have a wall that shows their photos and some notes.




  1. A Blog


If they have a passion, then you can support that by opening for them a blog where they can put down their ideas and still earn some money.




  1. Paid Sabbatical


Sabbaticals have become a common way for companies to appreciate their workers. A good example is at Media Temple, which is a hosting service provider.




Final thoughts on the best work anniversary gift ideas


If someone has worked for your company for many years, it means they have played an integral role in making it successful. Therefore, it is important that you give them thoughtful gifts to show that you appreciate their efforts to support and make the company grow. Any of the 35 gift ideas above will make a difference.


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