Best Work Anniversary Gifts For Her – 30 ideas

Are you looking to give your employee a tenth work anniversary gift? Here are some exciting gifts to give her.



Work anniversary gift for her – No. 1 – 10


1. Personalised Notebook

You can get her a personalised notebook to help her plan her working days. You can have a photograph of her imprinted and her position in the company stated.


2. Personalised Mug

Taking coffee or tea from a branded mug makes one feel special. You can get her a personalised mug with her photograph and details of her work position. It can also have a witty message on it.


3. Appreciation Card

Words always have a way of melting people’s hearts. You can get her an appreciation card and have it well framed. They can put it in their working space or take it home with them.


4. A Plant

You can send them a plant in a personalised pot or container. It can have their name engraved on it to enhance the desktop decor. Taking care of the plant gives her more satisfaction.


5. Desk Dehumidifier

This gadget brings in the moisture needed for the working area. It makes the working area conducive for them, thus making them more productive.


6. Personalised Tumbler

Get her a customised tumbler to keep their beverages in the desired conditions. It keeps the hot beverages hot and the cold beverages cold. She enjoys the drinks the way she wants it.


7. A Framed Work Photograph

You can get her a photograph with her significant achievements at work. Frame it and wrap it up in a good way. She can put it on her desk or take it home with her as a memory.


8. Water Bottle

Does she love to stay hydrated? Get her a customised water bottle. Learn her favourite colours and pick one that excites her. In case of any doubt, get a clear bottle or one with darker colours.


9. Desk Tray

Getting her a desk tray helps her organise her work area. She can comfortably arrange her office supplies in an artistic form. Have it well packed and delivered.


10. Neck Wrap

Get her a colourful wrap to make them more comfortable at the workplace. The wraps work in providing relaxing heat therapy at the end of a long day. Choose a washable material for the neck wrap.



Work anniversary presents for a woman – No. 11 – 20


11. Fruit Infuser Bottle

With a glass infuser bottle, she can enjoy the water with fruity flavour sensations. It is durable and attractive for any woman. Find out her favourite colours and choose a bottle in that line.


12. Scented and Colourful Candles

Nicely scented candles can help one reduce stress and relax. Get them a pack of these candles with a nice message and uplift their spirits.


13. Customised Lapel Pins

You can also order some customised lapel pins to go with her bags, jackets, and other clothes. The best thing about this gift is that it goes well with any outfit.


14. A Pack of Aromatherapy Candles

This is another type of colourful and scented candles that you can get her. Get them customised with your desired name or phrase. She can use them at home.


15. A Wellness Pack

Get her a pack of essential wellness items to keep her safe. These packages are available in most online stores, and you have them delivered to your desired location.


16. Truffle Box of Chocolates

You can get her a customisable truffle box of her favourite chocolates. It is a small gift but will brighten up her day. Carefully select the flavours and have it well wrapped.


17. Set of Spices

Are they cooking enthusiasts? You can get them a set of spices for their home usage.


18. Enrol them in a Master class

Have they always wanted to scale up their skills? You can reward them by paying for their classes. Confirm if that is what they love.


19. Self Development Books

Do they love to read? You can get them a monthly or annual subscription for their self-development books.


20. Herb Kit

Do they love growing their herbs? Get them a herb kit.



Work anniversary gifts for women – No. 21 – 20


21. 3D Puzzle Game

The classic wooden puzzle game keeps her mind engaged during her work break time.


22. Custom Aviator Glasses

Is she stylish? You can get her some sunglasses engraved with what she loves.


23. A Spa Treat

Get her a voucher for a spa treatment and have her pampered.


24. Custom Charging Cable

Get her a 3-in-1 charging cable for their office space.


25. Essential Oils Diffusers

Get her a sleek diffuser with her favourite fragrances. She can put it in her office and soothe her spirits.


26. Throw Blanket

Get her a throw blanket to spruce up her living room area. Not only is it elegant, but it is also functional during the cold seasons.


27. Duffel Bag Set

The stylish and vintage bag set is perfect for trips and gym sessions.


28. Custom Made Scarf

Get her a scarf with the message that you desire. These come in handy during the cold season.


29. Tickets to Her Favourite Vacation Destination

Get her tickets to attend her favourite vacation destination with a plus 1. She feels appreciated.


30. Throw Her a Party

You can decide to throw her an anniversary party and make her feel honoured. Invite the other employees to this event.




These precious items are a perfect gift for a work anniversary for a lady. Order them today and make her smile.


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