Typical Dutch Presents And Gifts At Christmas For Her

Surprising someone else with a beautiful gift at Christmas is something that really belongs. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to come up with a nice gift. That is why we are happy to help you. It is important to first determine your relationship with this woman.

Of course you give something different to your girlfriend or wife than to a female colleague. Choose one or more items from the list below so that you are sure to give something that will really appeal to you.



A present or gift for the female colleague:


  1. Christmas wreaths: A delicious snack during the coffee break.
  2. A scented candle: Nice for home or office.
  3. An organizer: Perfect for the New Year.
  4. A phone case: A stylish protective case is always welcome
  5. A voucher for a nice lunchroom: Perfect for a joint lunch during the break.


A present or gift for the mother in law:


  1. A handwritten and personal poem. Place this in a nice frame so that she can hang it in the house.
  2. A nice care package with a day and night cream.
  3. A cookbook with delicious recipes from her favorite kitchen. Depending on your budget, you can also add two tickets for a cooking workshop so that you also link an activity to the gift.
  4. Her favorite perfume, during Christmas there are special Christmas packages available where the perfume is offered with a shower gel and / or body lotion.
  5. A bottle of wine.


A present or gift for the girlfriend or wife:


  1. A beautiful lingerie set, perfect for intimate moments.
  2. Luxurious macarons, a wonderful pampering moment.
  3. A weekend away to her favorite destination.
  4. A new handbag from her favorite designer.
  5. A painting for your interior.


A present or gift for the sister:


  1. A subscription to her favorite magazine.
  2. A subscription to a streaming channel such as Netflix: Perfect for the cold winter months. Add a snack box with all her favorite treats including a bottle of champagne.
  3. A cocktail shaker and a cocktail recipe book
  4. A new hair straightener or curling iron that she has long wanted.
  5. A bullet journal to start her new year well and organized.


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