35 Best Group Gifts For Coworkers

When working in a team, treating your coworkers like friends or family is often a good idea. This includes giving them gifts on special occasions. Below are some incredible group gift ideas for your coworkers:



1. A basket of muffins

A basket of muffins is a great group gift for coworkers. You can gift it to them during special occasions like holidays and birthdays. Such a gift is bound to brighten your day at the office.



2. A group portrait

You can also get your coworkers a group portrait as a gift. The portrait can feature a photo from a group event and where everyone is present.



3. Chocolate covered strawberries

These are incredible gifts for special holidays like Valentine’s day when you are all stuck at work. It will help shift the mood in your office and bring up the spirit of the holiday in your office.



4. Exclusive business cardholders

These are great gifts for coworkers. It is also a functional gift that you can purchase or make using duct tape as your primary material.



5. Apple cider mix

Apple cider is an incredibly tasty gift for your coworkers. You can place the mix in small jars for each person in your office or department.



6. Custom mouse pads

Mousepads make incredible group gifts for coworkers. This is because they are both functional and attractive.



7. A batch of speciality cupcakes

Like muffins, a special batch of cupcakes can also make a great gift for coworkers. You can top the treats with whipped frosting and berries and package them in a gift box.



8. Organizers

An office organizer would be a thoughtful gift for your coworkers. It will help foster organization in the office. It will also make the office more productive.



9. Eye masks

Eye masks are a great gift that will help give your coworkers a reason to kick back. Note that it can be a great gift for both male and female coworkers.



10. Festive candles

Candles, specifically festive candles, are a great gift during the holidays. They can bring out the festive mood in the office and cheer up your coworker’s spirits, especially during Easter and Christmas holidays.



11. Collage

A photo collage also makes an excellent gift for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant milestones. You can give your coworkers a photo collage that represents the years and different stages of their lives.



12. DIY mugs

DIY mugs with a special message, an inside joke, or phrase can make a good gift. The mugs can help cheer up the office. They are also functional.



13. Decorative cork board

Here, you will first need a cork board and cover it with decorative materials. This gift is bound to brighten up your office.



14. Business card boxes

These are great gifts that your coworkers can have sitting on their desks for storing their business cards. These card boxes will improve the appearance, organization, and productivity of the office.



15. A batch of cookies

Besides muffins and cupcakes, you can treat your coworkers to their favourite cookies on special occasions. Such a gift is bound to shift the mood in your workplace.



16. A snacks and coffee box

Snacks and coffee are a great way to spread some cheer in your office. It can also boost the energy among coworkers.



17. Team spirit T-shirts

T-shirts with the same message, writings or designs would also make a good gift for your department. You can make them in different colours for different people in your department.



18. Wine

You can never go wrong with the gift of wine. This would make a great gift for the end of the week or birthday and anniversary celebrations.



19. Festive hats

Festive hats, like Christmas hats, make great gifts for festivities in the office. They can help spread cheer and the holiday spirit in the office.



20. Games kit

A games kit is a great way to get your coworkers to have some fun. It can also foster togetherness as coworkers gather to play after work or during free time.



21. A trip

If you are feeling extravagant, you can also get your coworkers a group trip as a gift. It doesn’t have to be a fancy and expensive gift.



22. A customizable cinema box

This is a fashionable light box inspired by old-fashion movie theatre marquees. It is an excellent tool for coworkers to display messages in the office while matching the day and mood.



23. Travel mugs

Travel mugs are handy gifts that your coworkers can use for keeping coffee, tea, and other drinks at the perfect temperature.



24. A valet tray

This is a handy wooden desk tray that can transform your office from boring to exciting and create an artistic appeal. It will also help to maintain some order in the office.



25. Wine tumbler

A wine tumbler is an exciting and modern gift that your coworkers are bound to love.



26. Desk flower pot

A flowerpot is an excellent gift for your department as it can help change the atmosphere in your office. It is also quite attractive.



27. A happy hour box

This is a box filled with delightful treats. These treats are bound to deliver the ultimate satisfaction among your coworkers.



28. A workday wellness pack

This is a gift box packed with wellness essentials like a reusable water bottle and face masks. It will especially come in handy when the team is preparing for a health and wellness program.



29. Aromatherapy candles

These scented candles can help bring a positive and relaxing atmosphere to your office. It will help get your team through stressful days and brighten up the workspace.



30. Holiday cheer box

This box can feature holiday gifts like candles, coffee, snacks, yummy treats, and a mug. It is a great way to get your coworkers excited for the holidays.



31. Custom-made puzzle

This gift will make a great way for passing the time and breaking the monotony in the workplace.



32. Custom art

You can also transform the look and feel of your office by gifting your coworkers a custom piece of art to hang in the office.



33. Scarfs

These are simple but incredible gifts for your coworkers. You can get them in different colours and designs.



34. Cactus stoneware planter

This is a good gift for an eco-friendly office. Your coworkers can use the planters for various types of plants.



35. 3D puzzle

A 3D puzzle would also make a great pass time and will foster togetherness in the workplace.



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