35 best Christmas presents for colleagues

Show your appreciation for a co-worker with a gift during the festive season. Whether your office is organising a Secret Santa or you just want to surprise someone in the cubicle next to you, here are a few great gift ideas to help you.



Tea infuser

A tea infuser lets your easily steep a cup of tea or a whole teapot. These handy gadgets let you control the infusion time to create the perfect cupper. If there’s a tea-loving colleague in the office, they will love one.



Coffee mug

Coffee mugs might seem like an obvious choice, but a personalised mug with a co-worker’s name or designs that speak to their interests or passions are great gifts. Add a message that celebrates their best qualities or pick a unique design that stands out.



Engraved pens

An engraved pen is personal and practical. Think about a premium brand like Parker or Cross, which makes this option a great choice for a boss or a colleague your respect. Add a personal message or name as an engraving for an extra personal touch.



Personalised stationary

Everyone uses stationary in the office, in the age of tablets and computers. Consider a stationary set with all the essentials your co-worker needs to get his or her job done. Adding a unique element like a name or inspirational messages is a great way of personalising the gift.



Custom map poster

Decorative art helps add something unique to an office or cubicle. A map print or poster is a fun gift that helps celebrate your colleague’s passions or personality. Create a custom map of their hometown, for example. Or design one of their favourite cities. These maps help celebrate your colleague but also decorate their workspace.



Tablet sleeve

This stylish sleeve for your colleague’s tablet is a great gift. It protects their device but also can reflect their character and tastes. Choose a design that they might like but also consider what would be appropriate in a professional setting.



Phone cover

Like a tablet sleeve, phone covers are fun gifts. They also help protect your co-worker’s device. Again, pick a design that your colleague will love while still being a good fit for use in an office environment.



Coffee or tea pack

For a colleague that can’t go through the day without a coffee or tea, consider a pack of their favourite products. Or pick a pack that has a selection of different variants that they might appreciate sampling.




A planner lets your colleague keep track of appointments and meetings as well as deadlines and tasks. Consider a personalised planner with their name or an inspiring message.



Water bottle

Keeping hydrated is essential. If your favourite colleague always has a water bottle in their hand, consider giving them an upgrade with a handy water bottle. You can even personalise some water bottles.



Gift card

A gift card might seem impersonal but they are very practical. If you colleague regularly goes to a nearby coffee shop or has a favourite lunch spot, consider getting a gift card. They will appreciate having a few coffees or lunches on you!




Headphones are essential for video and phone calls in an office setting. If you notice a colleague who needs an upgrade, headphones are a great gift!




A terrarium is a beautiful addition to any office space. These intricate pieces are also unique and special gifts that do not cost a lot, making them ideal for a Christmas office gift exchange.



Office plant

For plant lovers, an office plant is a great Christmas gift for colleagues. Pick something that is low-maintenance like a succulent, for example. You can also add something special like a decorative pot.



Essential oil diffuser

If your office doesn’t have a no scent policy, consider an essential oil diffuser. Your colleague will feel relaxed while they work. This is also a great gift they can use at home.




For the office movie fan, consider a box set of their favourite television series or a DVD of a movie they’ll love.




If you have a colleague that loves to listen to music while they work, consider a music-themed gift like a CD or a gift card for their favourite music app.



Desk ornament

From paper weights to pen holders, a desk ornament is a fun Christmas gift for a co-worker. When buying anything decorative, make sure they are appropriate for the office.




A calendar is a practical and essential element of any workspace. A calendar is also a fun way to add something decorative to a workspace. Pick a calendar that reflects a colleague’s interests but is still a good fit for the office, like travel or nature.



Coffee mug warmer

Make sure your co-worker never has a cold cup of coffee again with a portable mug warmer. All they have to do is place their mug on it and keep their coffee warm until the last drop.




A keychain might sound like a basic gift, but they are very practical. Consider a design that reflects your colleague’s interests or something stylish that looks great.




A personalised mousepad is a fun gift for an office gift exchange. You can also pick a design that reflect your colleague’s interests, from movies and TV shows to travel and nature themes.



Coffee bean sampler

Any coffee lover will appreciate the opportunity to sample new brews. Give a subscription to a coffee bean sampler or a gift pack with different varieties.



Desktop game

Desktop games are fun gifts to show your appreciation for a colleague. Pick a game that reflects their interests. There are plenty of options, including darts, bowling and mini golf.



Decorative sticky notes

Fun, quirky and colourful sticky notes are great ways to make your colleagues smile. They are also practical but affordable gifts for an office gift exchange.



Mini Zen Garden

A Japanese Zen Garden will look beautiful on your co-worker’s desk. It is also a fun stress reliever.



Business card holder

A stylish business card holder will let your co-worker impress clients and other people he or she meets with during the day.



Phone card holder

A card holder for a mobile phone is a great way of keeping everything in one place – your work phone, business cards, corporate credit card and more. If your colleague is always on the go, this gift will definitely come in handy.



Mini sandbox

A desktop sandbox is a fun stress-reliever as well as a cool decorative feature for an office or cubicle. If your colleague has a sense of humour, this is a great option.



Desk organiser

A desk organiser is practical for holding pens and other random office supplies. Pick a fun design that lightens anyone’s mood or something stylish depending on your co-worker’s tastes.



Personalised mobile phone stand

If your co-worker uses their phone for video calls, consider a mobile stand for the device. Some models can be personalised with an inspiring message or their name. There are also fun designs that add a cool decorative touch to workspaces.



Treats jar

Many of our office friends have treats we flock to when we need a snack. Show your appreciation for them with an attractive and fun treats jar.



Portable charger

Colleagues that are often on the go often find out their phone or tablet has run out of charge. A portable charger is a practical gift for a co-worker that is often on the go.




For colleagues that are avid readers, consider buying a book. From inspirational and work themed books to novels that reflect their personal interests, you can find great books that your favourite co-worker will love.




Chocolates are an obvious choice for a gift, but they are also cherished by so many of our colleagues. Pick something a bit more luxurious for the holidays or your co-worker’s favourite type of chocolate. They might even share some with you!



Final thought on giving the best Christmas present to a work colleague

Before giving a Christmas gift to colleagues, consider what is appropriate. Some coworkers may not celebrate the holiday, for example. The gift should also be appropriate for the office. Consider something fun and thoughtful but still professional. The gift should not offend and should also not cost too much.



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