30 best housewarming gift ideas for guys in 2021

Moving out can be a stressful process. It does not matter whether one is moving out for the first time or is in between houses. You can always get your friends adorable gifts to make their new house a little warmer. Let’s explore a few gift options for your friends.



1. A plant

Having a plant in the home fosters not only responsibility but also portrays a sense of care. They will treasure the plant just as they treasure your relationship with them.



2. A Bottle of Wine

There is no better housewarming gift like a bottle of wine. You can sip it together as you talk with them and get them ready for the house. Consider their tastes and preferences before making the purchase.



3. A Journal

Getting them a journal enables them to document their life in the new home. You help them make their life plans and make entries to impact their lives.



4. A Photo Blanket

A plain blanket is adorable in the home. Additionally, you can customise it with their favourite photo and make them comfortable in the new house.



5. Customised Doormat

Get them a named doormat for their front door area. You can have it engraved with the name ‘Welcome’ or a phrase that both of you can relate to.



6. Playing Cards

You can always get them a deck of cards to play with their friends or with you whenever you visit. These cards can even be used for housewarming celebrations.



7. A Cookbook

Are they cooking lovers? You can get them a cookbook to help enhance their cooking skills. During your free time, you can schedule some cookout sessions and have fun together.



8. An Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Music is life. Getting them music on the go is an excellent way to show how much you love them. Pick their favourite colours and surprise them.



9. Monopoly

The exciting board game never goes out of fashion. It is ideal for a housewarming and can be used for the actual day together with other friends. You bring in a play tool!



10. Adorable Egg Cups

Get the antiquely decorated egg cups and level up their kitchen style. When choosing colours, be careful enough to pick colours they like and blend in with their home’s style.



11. A Neon Sign

Get a neon sign with the name that they love most. It could be their name or a funny phrase to light up the house mood.



12. A Charging Station

With a charging system, he will be in a position to keep his house organised and tidy. The worry of cords hanging from the charging area is eliminated.



13. Custom Portrait Art

You can also get them what they love most in a painting or portrait art. Let them have something to hang on the empty walls of the new house.



14. Personalised Oak Bedside for his Watch and Phone

With a personalised phone and watch stand on his bedside, you can eliminate his hassle of finding his watch and phone the following morning.



15. Adorable Jar Candles

Has he moved out of his favourite city? You can get them city jar candles to give him the memory of his best city of all time.



16. Record Coasters

With these coasters, he can protect his new coffee table surfaces from spilt coffee and water. They are stylish and blend in with almost any plain colour.



17. A Bluetooth Shower Speaker

What’s better than listening to music when showering? The waterproof Bluetooth speaker will give him psych and enjoyment while in the bathroom.



18. Elegant Bathroom Soap

At times like this, when washing your hands every time is a priority, you can never go wrong with getting them some nicely scented liquid handwash.



19. Beer Cap Wall Hanging

Beer lovers will always love this. It is a piece of art that they can load all their beer bottle tops. Get a versatile colour to go with their wall colour.



20. A Waffle Maker

Getting a waffle maker enables him to make waffles at home. When you visit the place in the future, you will be glad that you purchased the waffle maker as it is fast and efficient in the craft



21. Wood and Chain Bar Tools Set

The set of sleek bar tools enables him to improve his cocktail skills and abilities. They can comfortably open any bottle of wine without any damage.



22. TV Fire Stick

With a fire TV stick, you can light up his evenings and weekends. It enables him to watch films on their favourite major media streaming platforms.



23. Champagne Saucers

These will come in handy in serving the wine during the housewarming party.



24. Scented Diffusers

The nicely smelling scent helps his home get a heavenly feel. Choose what they love most.



25. A personalised Photo Album

Slip in a photograph to remind him of the memories you previously shared.



26. A Karaoke Set

Getting your friend a karaoke set brings life to your home. You can also use it for the housewarming party.



27. Personalised Key Holder

Losing your house keys can be problematic. Get your friend a personalised key holder and carry their keys anywhere.



28. Customised Coffee Mug

Get them a mug with their name or favourite quote. It is a priceless yet cost-effective gift.



29. Take Him for a Treat

Get some tickets for a movie and accompany him there. You can also go a notch higher and get them a holiday ticket for a few days.



30. Cutlery Organising Tray

Help them organise their cutlery in the kitchen with this tray.




There is no better feeling than seeing your friend smile. Get them these fantastic housewarming gifts and uplift their spirits in the new house.



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