Which airports are close and near to Zoetermeer, the Netherlands?

airport near Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer: ​​”Sweet Lake City” and heart of the Green Heart. Since being designated as a growth center in 1962, this small village has been transformed into a modern and easily accessible city with an innovative transport system. Zoetermeer was the first Dutch city with a train connection that connected the neighborhoods of the city. The Zoetermeer city line has now been converted and is part of the RandstadRail.

Due to its extensive public transport infrastructure and its advantageous location between Gouda, The Hague and Rotterdam in its other cities, it is easy to visit. The only thing missing is an international connection: an airport. Fortunately, there are plenty of options nearby that can be reached with less than an hour of travel time!



Rotterdam The Hague Airport aka Zestienhoven closest / nearest to Zoetermeer


Zestienhoven Airport, also known internationally as Rotterdam The Hague Airport, is physically the closest to Zoetermeer. Moreover, no other airport can be reached as quickly as this one: after about 45 minutes by bus and train you are at the door. It takes about twenty minutes by car, but that does not include the time it takes to walk to a parking space and get from the garage to the airport, not to mention the parking costs.

Zestienhoven has a good selection of flights to several international destinations that depart daily. The airport is located slightly north of Rotterdam and is a connection point to mainly European destinations. This rather regional airport is home to many budget airlines, so there are many great deals to be found there.



Amsterdam International Airport aka Schiphol close and near to Zoetermeer


The Netherlands’ most famous airport and international hub Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is not much further than Zestienhoven. From Zoetermeer, you only need 15 more to get to Schiphol, where you can choose from a wider selection of airlines. The consequence of this is of course that you have at your disposal from numerous direct flights to destinations all over the world. The connection with public transport between Zoetermeer and Schiphol is very good, so with an hour and only one transfer you can easily and quickly travel to your destination.


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