30 best corporate anniversary gift ideas for clients

Your clients feel appreciated when they receive gifts. It continually reminds them that your business values them. Let’s explore some of the gift ideas for your clients.




Corporate anniversary gift ideas No 1 – No 10


1. Succulent Plants


Your clients feel the care when they get succulent plants. Get your clients a succulent plant to brighten up their days. They require minimal maintenance and keep the space looking elegant.



2. Gift Vouchers


Design some value vouchers and gift them to your clients. This helps them acquire items or products that they didn’t have. They can only spend the vouchers at your shops, which is your advantage; you retain the clients.



3. Gift Hamper


What’s better than receiving a gift hamper? Selectively pick some items from your shop and put them in the hamper. Your clients will be happy receiving the items.



4. Food Basket


Gifting food never goes out of fashion. You can get some food items and send them to your clients as a mode of appreciation.



5. Notebook


Customise a notebook with your store’s name and gift them to your clients. You will not only be offering a gift but also marketing your company or business. Personalising them with some leather flaps makes them look more elegant and prestigious.



6. Personalised Coffee or Tea Mugs


Getting your clients a customised coffee mug makes them feel great about themselves. They can sip their tea in your branded coffee mugs.



7. Customised Calendar


You can get your clients a calendar with your business details. In the calendar, throw in an appreciation message and thank them for shopping with you.



8. Gift Card


Giving a personalised gift card never goes out of fashion. Get your clients a gift card and appreciate them for buying your products and services.



9. Coffee Table Book


A coffee table book not only gives the coffee table a facelift, but it also is a conversation starter. Gift them a suitable coffee table book for their office space.



10. Toiletry Bag


You can give your clients a small bag designed to carry their toiletries. Be careful with the choice of material so that it is durable.




Corporate gifts & ideas for clients No 11 – No 20


11. Portable Phone Charger and Charging Dock


With the invasion of smartphones and gadgets, gifting phone chargers is a great idea. They can use it or give it to their friends who need it.



12. Kindle


Are you a bookselling company? You can buy a few Kindles and give them to your clients. They can comfortably read their favourite book while on transit.



13. Headphones

Music is an integral part of the day to day life. You can give your clients a pair of headphones and have them remember you every time they listen to their favourite song.



14. A Handwritten Note


There is no better way to appreciate someone than to use words. Please make the message personalised and let them feel appreciated. They are suitable for any season.



15. Customised Water Bottle


Customise a water bottle with your company’s name and details (in small font). Remember that the idea is to make them feel appreciated for shopping with you.



16. Vouchers to other shopping outlets


If you are a printing company, you may give your clients shopping vouchers to other shopping outlets such as those dealing with groceries and main markets.



17. Online Class Membership


You can selectively enrol your clients in a winning draw. Whoever wins should get an online class membership to improve their skills and knowledge.



18. Fashionable engraved wallets


Think of high quality engraved wallets as your clients’ gift. This will mostly excite male clients. Customise some clutches for the female crowd as well.



19. Restaurant Gift Cards


Who does not like a well-prepared meal? Get your clients restaurant gift cards (for two) to dine at their favourite restaurants.



20. Free Delivery Subscription


Online stores can choose to offer their clients free delivery subscriptions for a stipulated period (one month). All their shopping deliveries are done for free.




Corporate anniversary presents for clients No 21 – No 30


21. Spa Treat


Nominate your clients into a competition and reward the winners with a spa treatment.



22. Champagne


Anything with food always excites customers. You can use alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine.



23. Chocolate Package


Your clients love chocolates. They can enjoy eating them or give them to their children or relatives.



24. Customised Wine Box


Why not get your clients a customised wine box. It contains a bottle of wine and wine opening tools.



25. Movie Tickets


Enrol every client into a draw. You can then award the winners with movie tickets.



26. Branded merchandise such as hoodies and caps


You can brand some hoodies and caps to gift your clients. They will appreciate it.



27. Self-care Box


You can get them a self-care box with lotions, sanitizers, and products for personal effects.



28. Portable Bluetooth Speaker


There is no greater gift than the other. However, getting them a portable Bluetooth speaker makes their walks, cycling, and hiking even fun.



29. Socks


Understand that there is no bad gift. Getting them some happy socks make your clients even happier.



30. Retreat Backpack


The last item on this list is a retreat backpack. You can have it customised with your business details.



Gifts ideas for clients conclusion


Appreciating your clients is one of the best ways to keep them. They feel that their time and resources are valued. As a business owner, you should gift them the packages mentioned above for your clients as they are a perfect idea. Additionally, gift them from time to time and make them as happy as they make you.


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