All airports near Vienna, Austria

airport close to Vienna

Are you going on a trip to Vienna by airplane but you don’t know which airport is the best to land? Continue reading to see which airport is the closest to Vienna.


Vienna International Airport
The closest airport near Vienna is Vienna International Airport. The airport code is ‘VIE’. The distance from this airport to Vienna is 18.3 kilometer (11.4 miles) east of Schwechat and about 18.3 kilometers southeast of Vienna. Because of the small distance to Vienna this airport is the best choice. There also is plenty to do at this airport while you are waiting for your flight. There are over 70 shops ranging from fashion to food and books. You can eat a pizza, sushi or traditional Austrian food. There also is free wireless internet at the whole airport.


Bratislava Airport
Bratislava Airport is approximately located 62.5 kilometers (38.9 miles) from Vienna. The code of this airport is BTS. You can take the bus from Vienna to Bratislava (and back) so it’s easy to get there. If you want you can buy the bus tickets online.


Brno–Tuřany Airport
The distance from Brno-Tuřany Airport to Vienna is approximately 107.6 kilometers (66.9 miles). The airport code is BRQ.


Uherske Hradiste Airport
Uherske Hradiste Airport is approximately located at 123 kilometers from Vienna. The airport code is UHE.


Győr-Pér International Airport
Győr-Pér International Airport is approximately located 125.7 kilometers from Vienna. The airport code is QGY.


Enjoy your flight and trip!