All airlines and flights from UK to Spain

all airlines to Spain

Spain has been a major destination for many due to its beautiful sceneries. There are several airlines from the United Kingdom (UK) to Spain. All of these are safe and sound though the different airways have different qualities of services. For this reason, people are going to prefer certain airways over others. Despite this, the airlines charge differently. This also contributes to the choice of airline you choose. The following are the airlines that are available for flights from UK to Spain:


British Airways

British airlines offer several direct flights to Spain. It is up to you to choose the flight that suits you best especially when it comes to timing your travel. It typically takes about two hours to get to Spain from London, UK. The charges vary with time of the year. The cheapest flights are in November and December while the highest charges are during the month of June and August. You can book your flight online or visit the office.



The Ryanair is among the largest airlines in the world. There are numerous flights to Spain and so you will just need to make your schedule to fit in one of the flights. Your baggage is catered for. You are free to carry a personal bag with your essential that you see you must carry along e.g. laptop, handbags and other small devices. You are also allowed to have an extra bag but it should not weigh more than ten kilograms. Other baggage more than these should be registered.



Iberia is another airline that has been known to provide quality services to the public. They are efficient especially when it comes to punctuality. It is known that all ground of service is based on British Airways. You can book your ticket online. Iberia airlines are very transparent. They provide assurance to all customers that their charges are based on the seat availability and taxes which vary from time to time.



This is the third largest UK airline. Their headquarters are in Leeds Bradford. In 2019, it won the best inexpensive airline in Europe at the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards. You are allowed to carry small baggage free of charges but if your baggage should not exceed ten kilograms. Large baggage is supposed to be registered at the time of booking over the website or the airport.


Air Europa

This is an airline with low charges per flight. Major destinations include Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Mallorca, Sevilla, and Valencia.


Easy Jet

This is an affordable airline to use. The airlines have flights to more than thirty countries. They have exclusively hostile pages that allow the customers to have an easy time booking. Among the most common destinations in Spain are Alicante and Almeria.


Norwegian Airways

Another fine airway is Norwegian airways. They were the winners of Best Low-cost Long Haul Airline and airline of the year 2017. It is a great airline to use as it is trustworthy.


All in all, it is necessary to note that most airlines have quality services to offer. Most airlines do not offer complimentary means when on a flight. You may make an order of a meal while booking your ticket. What differs is the cost and most of them are actually affordable and do not deviate so much from each other. All these airlines offer safe flights and you can easily book your seat through the three main forums i.e. on website –online, call centres and in the airport offices. Online booking is easiest as all you need to have internet connectivity and your smartphone or desktop/laptop with you.


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