All about driving from Paris to Amsterdam

Toll highway France

An important factor is where you need to go to Amsterdam and where to start in Paris. Because the route can vary from door to door, depending on how big Paris is and how bad the traffic can be at both ends.

From Paris to Amsterdam, the driving distance is around 500 kilometers, and it can take between 5 and 6 hours. The route through Brussels, Belgium or Antwerp, is the most direct. French highways are a toll road, the traffic outside of Paris and in Antwerp can be very strong, and the landscape is uninteresting.

The driving time may depend on road works and traffic. Avoid peak hours on weekends and weekdays: Sunday afternoon or Friday afternoon. When leaving Paris, traffic is a big challenge, and you may have to wait up to an hour. Parking is expensive in both cities.

The Paris to Amsterdam highway

Before traveling, you need to know the various traffic rules in France and the Netherlands. The customs borders do not exist, but each State has its own traffic rules and traffic signs. For example, in France, your car should always have an unused respiratory analyzer.
The cost for the use of the French highway is dependent on the route taken, and it is approximately 15 €. Check the Paris to Amsterdam direction maps via Michelin or on Google. This allows you to schedule gas stations and stopovers before your departure.