What is the cheapest month to fly to Amsterdam?

With its picturesque canals and notable cultural attractions, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. With Amsterdam Airport Schiphol serving the city, travellers also have plenty of options when flying to the city. Planning and regularly checking airfares are great strategies for finding the lowest rates for flights to Amsterdam. There are also several months when you will find the cheapest airfares to Amsterdam.



In which month you’ll find the best savings on Amsterdam flights?


Generally, spring and summer in Amsterdam are hardest on travellers’ budgets. High season, when flights are more expensive, is typically July and August. August is notorious for being popular with tourists, making it difficult to visit major attractions. At the same time, the month is often when locals go on vacations. So, you also lose some of the local charm when visiting in the summer.


To save on flights, you will find lower prices during the low season over the autumn and winter months. The cheapest month to fly to Amsterdam is generally February. Fares are usually lower from November to March when compared to spring and summer.



The benefits of flying to Amsterdam in low season


Days are shorter and you will also find cooler temperatures in Amsterdam during autumn and winter. While this period might sound dreary, there is a lot of charm about travelling in low season. The beautiful streets and world-class museums are less crowded. You can also experience lovely cafes and canal tours with fewer crowds and shorter queues. Snow is also known to blanket the city, especially in February. This creates a beautiful setting for exploring the city.


Airfares are not the only thing that is cheaper when you travel to Amsterdam between November and March. Hotel rates also drop during these months, especially over the winter. The opposite is true in July and August when accommodation is much more expensive. Hotels also charge more around New Year’s as well as Queen’s Day and Liberation Day in the spring.


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Tips for finding the cheapest flights to Amsterdam


The amount you pay for a flight to Amsterdam depends on the time of year and where you are departing. Generally, you will find lower prices when you book at least three weeks in advance. You can also find cheap flights by checking websites regularly. Some sites also allow you to set up price alerts so you know when they drop or are starting to increase.


Signing up for emails from airlines and travel providers also keeps you in the loop about any sales. Airlines sometimes have flash sales, making it possible to find the lowest rates in spring months like May and June. Doing research, staying informed and keeping an eye on airfares are easy ways to avoid missing out on a deal.


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