How many expats live in Amsterdam?

An estimated 200,000 expats work in the Netherlands, but there are no precise figures. The Amsterdam region is home to the most expats: between 80,000 and 110,000 expats. Around 60,000 expats, including partners and children, live in The Hague. The expat number continues to grow in both cities. In Amsterdam many UK citizens arrive. In The Hague the growth is partly because The Hague is very rich in international organizations.

Other cities, including Rotterdam (between 25,000 and 30,000 expats), are also attracting more and more expats. When expats move with their entire family, they also regularly look for accommodation outside the big cities. For The Hague the town called Wassenaar is a good example, In Amstelveen (a town very close to Amsterdam) about 10 percent of the population would be expats.

Why do expats choose the Netherlands?

Expats often find it an attractive option to settle in the Netherlands. This has to do with the financial arrangements that the Netherlands has made for expats. Under certain conditions they can receive 30% of their gross salary tax-free. Expats are also eligible for a mortgage interest deduction and do not pay tax on their net assets. In addition, the Netherlands is well-known worldwide as a location for foreign work experience.

Many expats are also impressed by the extraordinary high standard of living in the Netherlands. This includes excellent healthcare and well-organized public transport. In addition, employees from countries such as America and Japan are used to long working days and few paid vacation days. This is often better arranged in the Netherlands.

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