35 best birthday gift ideas for a male colleague

There isn’t a perfect time to show your colleagues that you appreciate and care for them than during their birthdays. However, finding the perfect gift for a colleague, especially a male one, is not an easy task. Below are some great gift ideas that you can consider;





Top birthday gift ideas for a male colleague No 1 – No 10



1. Noise cancelling headphones

Perhaps one of the best gifts you can give to your male colleague is headphones. This is a good gift idea for a guy who loves to listen to music or escape from the noise and distractions of the office environment.



2. Wireless earbuds

This is an ideal gift for a co-worker who is an audiophile or someone who does not like dealing with the wires of earphones or headphones when running errands.



3. Wallet

A wallet is an ideal gift option for any man. Whether they already have functional one or not, it wouldn’t hurt to have more than one.



4. Nintendo Switch

This is one of the hottest commodities in the market recently. Therefore, there isn’t a man who wouldn’t be excited to get it as a gift.



5. Massage gun

This is the perfect gift for a man who likes to workout because it can be used as a therapy tool afterwards.



6. Back and neck massager

If your colleague keeps complaining of back, neck and shoulder pains, this is an ideal gift.



7. Adidas sneakers

Every man wants a pair of Adidas sneakers to boast about with friends.



8. Patagonia sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are very popular with both men and women. However, this particular product is one of the best and your co-worker would appreciate it as a gift.



9. Sweatpants

This is ideal for men who like to be comfortable and enthusiasts of physical exercise.



10. The Dollar Shave Club Set

This is ideal for men who prefer convenience over everything. It is one of the best sets for men.





Top birthday presents for a male colleague No 11 – No 20



11. Bennie beanie

A Bennie beanie is an ideal gift for the winter as long as it is stretchy, cozy and durable so that the receiver can use it often.



12. Wine cooler / refrigerator

You can also get your male colleague a wine cooler to enjoy a bottle of his favorite wine during his birthday.



13. Smartwatch

There isn’t a man that wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a smartwatch because it is convenient and very functional.



14. Beard trimmer

This is an ideal gift for men with a passion for grooming or a man with a glorious beard.



15. Robot vacuum

A robot vacuum is an ideal gift for men who are not such enthusiasts of cleaning, basically 90% of all men in the world.



16. LED desk lamp

This is suitable for a colleague that works late or is stationed in a place without proper lighting in the office.



17. Portable Bluetooth speaker

This gift is perfect for a male co-worker with a passion for music or one with a parttime job as a DJ.



18. Alarm clock

This is the best gift for that colleague who doesn’t make it to work on time.



19. Amazon fire TV stick

This is for the binge watcher who needs to access his favorite shows on any platform on any TV.



20. ClearGuard keyboard cover

This is an ideal gift for that clumsy colleague that always gets food and other stuff on his keyboard.





Best birthday gift for your male colleague No 21 – No 30



21. Desk Accessory holder

This gift is ideal for a clumsy co-worker who never seems to get his stationary in order. It can also work for a neat freak.



22. Desktop notepad

This is ideal for that co-worker who keeps forgetting to do certain important tasks at work.



23. iPhone lightning cable

This 10-foot charging cable is ideal for a co-worker who spends a lot of time o his phone.



24. Water bottle

This is an ideal gift for a gym-going colleague or one who is a health and wellness enthusiast.



25. Cork cactus memo holder

This gift is meant for a colleague who is not so good at organization.



26. Phone lens and tripod kit

This is the best gift for a colleague who is an aspiring photographer in the office.



27. Temperature control smart mug

This is for that busy office colleague that would benefit from not having to go back and forth between the kitchen and cubicle for hot coffee.



28. Monbento Original Bento Box

If your colleague is fond of carrying food from home to the office, this would be a perfect gift idea.



29. Perfect push elite

This is the best gift for that colleague who loves to workout and take care of his body.



30. Star Wars merchandise

Is your colleague a fan on the Star Wars movie franchise? If so, this is the best gift.




Bonus birthday presents for a male colleague No 30 – No 35



31. ZOMAKE ultra lightweight packable backpack

This is an ideal gift for any man who likes to carry around backpacks. It is the perfect size and very durable.



32. Acrylic headphone stand

For that colleague who does not come to work without his headphones. This is perfect for the office table when he cannot use the headphones.



33. Beard grooming kit

This is for the man with a luxurious beard and one who invests a lot of time and money in maintaining it.



34. Host Freeze Beer Freezer

Does your colleague enjoy a frequent glass of beer after work or during the weekends? If so, this is the perfect gift.



35. Barbecue grill

You can also get your colleague a grill that he can use with friends during weekends and off day hangouts.



Bonus gift idea: a weekend trip!

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