All Singapore Changi Airport Layover Sleeping Options

Singapore (Changi) Airport is renowned for its amazing facilities and services, making it an excellent place for travelers to relax and sleep during layovers. Travelers can nap at the airport’s dedicated rest areas, sleep rooms, or regular hotels. For short layovers, they can use the airport’s nap lounges, which have comfortable seating, recliners, and snooze chairs.

The Snooze Lounge at Terminal 1 and the Lounge at Terminal 3 are popular options, and are suitable for short naps or a few hours of rest.


Alternatively, travelers can use the free rest areas with reclining lounge chairs. The rest areas have dimmed lighting and quiet environments, making them peaceful spaces for anyone who needs to catch some sleep. The rest areas are located in Terminals 1, 2, and 3.

For a more comfortable layover experience in the airport, there is an option of booking the pay-per-use lounges. These lounges have amenities such as comfortable seating, shower facilities, and buffet meals. Thankfully, they cut across different budgets and statuses, so anyone can book one.


Comfortable Layover Sleeping Options: Top 5 Hotels Near Singapore Airport


Being one of the world’s best airports, Singapore Airport offers a wide range of hotels nearby to cater to the needs of different travelers. Here are some of the best layover hotels located near Singapore Airport:


Crowne Plaza Changi Airport – this is an upscale hotel connected directly to Terminal, just 0.6 miles away.


YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport – the hotel is situated less than a mile from the airport, in the transit area of Terminal 1.


Ambassador Transit Hotel Terminal 2 – this transit hotel is available in Terminal 2, about 0.6 miles away, and it’s known for its convenience and comfortable amenities.

There is also an Ambassador Lounge in Terminal 2 and in Terminal 3.


Capri by Fraser, Changi City – this hotel is a short shuttle ride (1.9 miles away) and offers stylish serviced apartments with modern amenities.


Village Hotel Changi – located within a 30-minute drive from the airport (2.8 miles away), offers travelers a tranquil escape with sea views and the Changi Beach.


These hotels have excellent service and comfort, making layovers easier, convenient, and enjoyable. Before booking your stay, remember to check the availability, rates, and any specific policies of these hotels since they vary depending on the time of year.



Singapore Changi Layover Sleeping Summary


For travelers planning to sleep or get some rest during a layover at the Singapore Airport, there are plenty of options to choose from, including hotels, pay-per-use lounges, and nap lounges. Changi Airport’s wide array of layover sleeping options ensures that travelers of all kinds can find a perfect solution for their layover needs.

As you pick your option, consider your budget, the length of your layover, and how comfortable you want to be.