Where To Stay In Texel?

Texel is the Netherlands’ most prominent and most visited island. If you visit the Netherlands and you want to escape big and hectic cities like Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam and you really want to experience the Island life, Texel is the place to be. Texel can be reached by ferry from the city of Den Helder, the most North city of the province North Holland. The ferry takes aprox. 25 minutes and costs either €7,- per person or €35,- per car. Both prices are return tickets.

Once you arrive, you obviously also need a place to stay. And why go for a regular hotel if you can try something different. Texel is known to have ‘out of the box’ accommodations. From old-school gypsy wagons to a cottage on a farm between the sheep. Yes, you have many different and adventerious options.

We have created a list with 5 original accommodations in Texel and we guarantee you that if you pick from the list down below, you will have an amazing experience.



1. The Colorful Gypsy Wagon (Pipowagen) €100,- to €170,- a night


Texel offers several Gypsy Wagon accommodations throughout the island but the most famous one is the original one in the area of Den Burg. The Gypsy Wagon is located in the meadow that belongs a farm that specializes in growing fruits and veggies. If you want to feel one with nature, this is the place for you. You are surrounded by animals, greens and a lot of trees. The wagon has a kingsize bed, a small kitchenette and an ensuite bathroom with toilet. The wagon also has a small porch that comes with furniture, perfect for those long summer nights.



2. Go Glamping in a Yurt (Texel’s Yurt) €100,- to €150,- a night


If you like the camping life but still want to be a bit more comfortable you can chose to stay at a yurt. A yurt is not super fancy, it is often quite basic but it definitely has more facilities and is far more cozy than a regular tent. A Yurt is quite specious and offers besides a sleeping area also a hangout area. The yurts of Texel’s Yurt are based on a local farm and have plenty of outdoor space. If you are traveling with kids, this is the place for you. It comes with a small outdoor pool and a mini kids playground on the land.



3. Sleep between the Sheep (Natuurhuisje Texel) €80,- to €140,- night


Did you know that the population of people equals the population of sheep on Texel? Yes, you have read that right. There are many sheepfriends to be found on the island. If you are an animal lover and really want to feel one with your sheepfriends, have a sleep over with them. Well, not actually in the barn with them, but next to them in your own cottage. In ‘Natuurhuisje’ you will sleep in a cottage on the farm with the sheep nextdoor to you. In the morning you can go and feed them, play with them and help the farmer take care of them if you like.



4. Glaming in a Safari Lodge tent (De Krim) – €75,- to €150,- a night


Holiday Resort De Krim is situated in ‘De Cocksdorp’, nearby the lighthouse on nature reserve ‘De Slufter’. The resort is aprox. 2 km from the beach but does have a big indoor pool, perfect for your swimming sessions. The resort is very child friendly and the lodges are very spacious. Every lodge is suitable for max. 6 people and has everything you might need during your trip. The kitchen is fully equipped, there is a sitting area, dining area and you have your own private bathroom. There are lodges with play area’s for kids, prerfect for families that travel with kids.



5. Sleep on a Boat (Texelstroom) €110,- to €190,- a night


Always wanted to spend the night on a boat, now this is your chance. The Texelstroom is a fully renovated boat that will feel like your home away from home. The boat has 6 cottages/rooms and vary from single rooms, due rooms and family rooms. The bathroom and kitchen are shared facilities. There is also a large livingroom where breakfast will be served in the mornings.



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