Does Amsterdam airport accept Pounds?

Are Pounds accepted at Amsterdam airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the major entry to Netherlands. This is a renowned international airport, and the fourth busiest gateway to Europe. The airport serves many indirect flights to most destinations in Europe because of its strategic location, and capacity. Up to 100,000 passengers can be handled in a day, and about 28 million travelers per year. Annual takeoffs, and landings may add up to 322,000.

The airport features ultramodern aviation infrastructure. The terminals have adequate shopping, dining, and banking amenities. However, the departure is not quite spacious because of the large number of travelers. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a convenient haven en route to Europe, and an individual can travel at any hour of the day, throughout the week.


Paying with Pounds at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

A major concern for every traveler is about the currency required for purchasing the ticket. Does Amsterdam Schiphol airport accept Pounds? Not really. This is a policy that does not hamper traveling at all by non-residents. The Euro is the sole approved currency for transacting at this airport. Therefore, all other currencies are indirectly acceptable. You can exchange pounds, dollars, and other currencies to Euros at the rates of the day.


Exchange rate for Pounds and Euros

The exchange rate is another concern. How do you get the best exchange rates? Well, the exchange rates keep fluctuating each day but they are not exploitative. For every transaction there is a commission paid to facilitate the transaction. It is important to find a bank or a service with the best rates, and the lowest handling fee. For instance, some banks may charge a constant fee of $3 per transaction. Some banks operate with oversees networks that accept foreign ATMs, and debit cards at no extra charges. MasterCard and Visa charge 1% fee for international transactions. The most recommended ATMs are operated by ABNAmro, Rabobank, and ING. Exchange your pounds to Euros easily, and buy your ticket.


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