30 best Christmas vacation gift ideas


With the Christmas festivities nearing, you better begin looking for gifts for your loved ones. Here is a compilation of some of the best gifts for Christmas.


The best present ideas for a Christmas vacation  No. 1 –  No. 10


1. A gift card

You can purchase a gift card and handwrite the message that you desire to tell the recipient. Tell them how you feel about them and what you wish for during the festive season.


2. A Christmas gift hamper

Gifting your loved one a Christmas gift hamper is a show of true love. The hamper may contain food items or assorted products for their personal use.


3. A book

Do they love to read? Get them the book that they have been talking about as a Christmas gift. You can have it attractively wrapped and delivered to them.


4. A personalised coffee mug

There is nothing that speaks volumes of love other than a personalised coffee mug. Let them take tea in a customised mug with a witty message and image.


5. Family board games

Christmas is family time. You can purchase some board games such as Monopoly, Trivia, and Scavenger Hunt and play with your family.


6. Colourful cushions

Send some colourful cushions to your loved ones. For a great look, they should be Christmas themed.


7. Digital photo frames

Take a family photo, print it, and frame it with a Christmas frame to signify your love for family. Wrap it up well and present it as a gift to your family.


8. A baby tree

Does your sister love plants? You can get them a baby tree to nurture. Find out the trees that they do not have and purchase some seedlings.


9. Chocolate gift box

Let them savour the chocolate taste in their mouths. Get an assorted chocolate gift box for the sweet tooth.


10. A personalised notebook

You can get a personalised notebook for your loved one. You can incorporate a photograph and message portraying how much you love them.


Great (last minute) Christmas vacation presents No. 11 –  No. 20


11. Headphones

Let them listen to the Christmas carols on some great headphones. You can purchase a nice set of headphones and gift them to your loved ones for a Christmas present.


12. Cellphone holders

Are they always on their phone and love to multitask? You can get them a cell phone holder. Find the ones that blend in with their workspace or surface.


13. Movie tickets

Christmas movies and films are exciting. You can purchase the tickets and take your family out for a family Christmas movie. For maximum fun, you should consider everyone present.


14. Christmas-themed pen holders

Pen holders are a fantastic gift. You can have them customised to your recipient’s tastes and preferences.


15. Aromatic candles

A sweet-smelling candle is to die for. Get them customised with names and images that you desire to.


16. Neck pillow

A neck pillow helps one get comfortable while in the office, at home, and on flights. Get your loved ones a neck pillow as a Christmas gift.


17. Name necklaces

Customise necklaces with named pendants and gift them to your loved ones. It makes one feel special and appreciated.


18. A bottle of wine

Since the Christmas festivities are fun moments, getting a bottle of wine is a great idea. You get to celebrate your favourite bottle of wine with those you love.


19. Christmas carols record

Listening to Christmas carols during the Christmas period is typically an in-thing. Get your family a Christmas carols record to listen to.


20. Self-care kit

Get your loved ones a self-care kit during the Christmas festivities. The self-care kit should contain items such as bath products and perfumes.


Top Xmas vacation presents and gifts No. 21 –  No. 30


21. Bracelet

You can get your loved one’s bracelets to signify togetherness. Depending on your budget, you can have them personalised with their names and a sweet message.


22. Spa treat

What is more exciting than a spa treat? You can get your loved ones a spa treat to have their nails, facials, massage, and other treatments performed.


23. Restaurant coupons

You can dine out with your family or give them restaurant coupons to their favourite joints. Christmas is all about giving and receiving gifts. The restaurant coupons will surely make your loved ones smile.


24. Power banks

Do they always complain of low battery? Get them some power banks to keep their phones charged at all times.


25. Vacation tickets

Christmas is also time for vacations. Surprise your family or loved one with some vacation tickets to their favourite destinations.


26. Exquisite wine glass holders

Getting some wine glass holders for your loved one is a great gift. Christmas involves a lot of merrymaking as many wines are unleashed.


27. Shopping vouchers

Getting shopping vouchers for your loved ones never gets out of fashion. You can get them the coupons and give them the freedom to acquire the products that they desire.


28. Throw blanket

A Christmas-themed throw blanket is a perfect Christmas gift.


29. Personalised water bottle

Water bottles are a great gift as they help the recipients stay hydrated every time. The bottles can be personalised with some sweet Christmas messages.


30. A scarf

Get your loved ones Christmas-themed scarves and booties for the festive season. They are comfortable, warm, and classy.


These gifts are not only adorable but also show your care and love for your friends, colleagues, and family. Get one for them and make them feel appreciated during the season and afterward.


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