Cheap hotels in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

cheap hotel s-Hertogenbosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch is a lovely city in the South of The Netherlands with a laid back vibe to it. The name might be a bit difficult to pronounce, therefor the Dutchies like to refer at it as ‘Den Bosch’. Den Bosch is known for being the capital city of the province of North-Brabant, their annual festive carnaval and the kind locals.

You can also discover some trendy hotspots and visit interesting musea while you are there. And while you are there you must need a place to stay, therefor we made a list with 5 cool, cheap and good budget hotels in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.



Cheap Hotel No. 1. The Little Duke Hotel – €65,- to €95,- a night


The Little Duke hotel is located in the city center of ‘s Hertogenbosch and is very easy to reach. The train station is located at a 50 meter walking distance from the hotel.

The hotel has 45 rooms and all rooms come with a flatscreen-tv with a build in Netflix account. You also have your own mini fridge and safety box for all your important belongings. Some rooms also come with a separate seating area and all rooms come with an ensuite bathroom. WiFi is complimentary through out the hotel.

Traveling by car? The hotel does not have a private parking space but you can use the parking garage of the train station for a flat fee of €20,- a day.



Cheap Hotel No. 2. Bed and Breakfast Den Bosch – €70,- to €85,- a night


Bed and Breakfast Den Bosch offers 5 different roomtypes. All the rooms come with a flatscreen-tv and DVD player. You will also have your own coffee making facilities in your room and bathrobes will be provided. None of the rooms have an ensuite bathroom. In total there are 2 separate bathrooms and 2 toilets in the B&B. The city center is located at a 5 minute drive and there is also a busstop right in front of the B&B that can take you to the train station or the city center.

If you want to discover the nature that the province of North Brabant offers you can visit the National Park Loonse en Drunense Duinen. This national park is located within a 30 minute drive of the B&B.



Cheap Hotel No. 3 – CubaCasa – €70,- to €250,- a night


Now we know what you think, how is €250,- considered cheap. It is not, but it is easy to explain. This accommodation offers several roomtypes. The normal roomtypes that host up to 2 people are max. €100,- a night. But they also have a really cool loft that is build in the attic. The loft, also known as the family room can host up to 4 people and is incredibly big. You have your own very luxurious sitting, an office area and a very large private ensuite bathroom.

The style of this accommodation is very mid century modern and you will feel like you have time traveled to a differente time. Everything is so beautiful and luxurious, you will definitely feel like the king of your castle here!.



Cheap Hotel No. 4 – Mövenpick Hotel ‘s-Hertogenbosch – €80,- to €110,- a night


The Mövenpick Hotel is a very well known luxury hotel chain and the one in ‘s-Hertogenbosch does not disappoint. It is a 4 star luxury hotel in the just outside of the city center with all the hotspots, restaurants and trendy bar located at a 5 minute driving distance of 5 minutes from your doorstep.

The hotel comes with a sauna and spa facilities. This hotel is also perfect for business people as it offers a meeting room that can be reserved for in-house guests.



Cheap Hotel No. 5 –  Uylenhof Hotel – €55,- to €90,- a night


The Uylenhof Hotel is a cute little boutique hotel in the city center of ‘s Hertogenbosch. None of the rooms in this hotel are similar. All are designed by different designers and the hotel prides themselves in the authenticity of the venue. All the rooms feel like a home away from home.

Some rooms come with a private terrace and a small kitchenette. The hotel also offers a private garden, only for guests where they can enjoy their breakfast or a drink after a day of discovering the city.