35 best Christmas gift ideas for colleagues

Here is a list of 35 Christmas gift ideas to show your colleagues that you love and care for them. Most of them are cheap and easily available.




Best Christmas gifts for colleagues No 1 – 10


1. Washi Tape Candle

You can make this one by melting a candle and pouring the wax into vases and glass jars. You can decorate the glassware with a patterned washi tape candle and gift it to your colleagues.



2. Fidget Spinner

This is one of the most trending spinners at the moment. It will help them relieve stress and are extremely fun to play with.



3. Card Bottle Opener

This one will come in handy on Friday’s happy hours. If they like, they can keep it safely on their desk.



4. Mason jar Garden

If your workmate enjoys bringing homemade lunches, you want to gift them a mason jar herb garden.



5. The Little Black Book of Cocktails

Whether your colleagues like cocktails, books, or both, the little black book of cocktails will be ideal during this festive season.



6. Fancy Tea

All offices have a tea snob. If you have a work-wife, she will love you to the core if you get her fancy tea for the day.



7. Business Card Holder

A colorful cardholder is a sure way to show your workmate that you have them in mind.



8. Bottle Cap Magnets

You can change bottle caps into magnets so that they are used in the refrigerator, magnetic board, or filing cabinet.



9. DIY Milk Candles

Milk is soothing, especially when mixed with creamy, sweet candles. You can use blue, purple, or pink wax.



10. Glasses holder

Many of us are used to wearing anti-reflecting glasses for computers. But when we need glasses holders when we take them off.




Best Christmas gift ideas for colleagues No 11- 20


11. DIY Mug

If you enjoy some fun moments with your colleague, then you can gift them a DIY mug. Just decorate it in a way that they will love.



12. Mug Warmer

Maybe you have a tentative meeting, but your tea shouldn’t go cold. In that case, your colleague will need a mug warmer.



13. Avocado Slicer

Is your colleague obsessed with avocado, then they need this smart device? It will save them from possible kitchen injuries.



14. Conversion Spoon Rest

This gift will come in handy for your aspiring Jamie Oliver friend. It is a perfect way to kill two birds with a single stone.



15. Floral Chalkboard

Take a wooden panel and paint it using chalkboard paint. A perfect way to share thoughtful messages with a colleague.



16. Bath Bombs

This is a gift of luxury and should be given to someone with whom you have a close connection.



17. Red Wine Stain Remover

If you have a workmate who loves her Malbec, then this one would be a perfect gift for them.



18. Birchbox

This one is more of a ray of sunshine for females. It comes with samples of lovely products available on the market currently.



19. Stenciled Scarves

Improve a scarf with a plain color and make it look its best. Gift this to your workmate to show some love.



20. Relaxing Eye Mask

This one is for those looking to give their colleagues the reason to kick back. Create it by sewing an eye mask on a soft fabric.




Awesome Xmas presents for coworkers No 21 – 30


21. Cat Sign

That colleague of yours loves cat? Then this one is for her.



22. Mouse Pad

Productivity is key, so gift your workmate with the latest mouse pad design, and they will appreciate it.



23. Wallet-size multi-tool

If you have a coworker that is in love with gadgets, then put a smile on their face with this wallet-size multi-tool.



24. Sticky Note set

That your super-organized workmate deserves this sticky note set.



25. Desk Calendar

This is a desk-planner that your type-A coworker will deeply appreciate.



26. Funny Coffee Mug

You probably have a workmate who can’t do without their morning sip. This funny coffee mug will show them you care.



27. Desk Golf

This is the best choice for a golf-fanatic. They will play a little golf on their desk all year round.



28. Braided USB

Suppose you have that workmate who is always borrowing your cable. Then you have the chance to surprise them with this one.



29. Mini Vacuum

Some coworkers hate sitting on dusty desks. Give them a mini vacuum to make their day brighter.



30. Portable charger

If you have a colleague whose phone is always running out of battery, you want to gift them this portable charger.




Best Christmas gift idea for coworkers No 31 – 35


31. DIY Hand Lotion

This one is made by blending coconut oil, essential oils, and shea butter. It is a perfect natural lotion.



32. Festive Candles

Give your workmate a candle that smells delicious to decorate their festive season.



33. Homemade Soap

With this soap, you will be able to pumper your coworker with aromatic goodness. With this, they will enjoy unwinding after a long day.



34. Tea Infuser

Any coworker will love this one. It is made of BPA silicone and is unique enough to keep your colleague excited.



35. Office Emergency Kit

Help your colleague be ready for any form of emergency in the workplace with this emergency kit. These include stains, chipped nails, headaches, etc.



Final thoughts on Christmas gifts for colleagues


This list could go on and on. You are the one who knows your colleague better. Therefore, show them some love by picking one of the gifts above for them. Be sure to select their favorite colors.


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