Which are the available airlines from LAX to Amsterdam?

Which are the available airlines for LAX to Amsterdam?

Los Angeles, the second city of the United States and largest city on the west coast, is a world city with a great allure for travelers. The city, which is more often than not abbreviated to “LA”, contains among other things the center of the film world and television industry: Hollywood. Because of its Mediterranean climate and location on the Pacific Ocean, the “City of Angels” is also known for its good weather, beautiful beaches and handsome people (who often parade about the promenade half-naked and have to live with unfulfilled ambitions in the film industry).

In addition, the metropolis has a large seaport and business center and plays an important role internationally in the development of technologies used in the aviation industry. As a result, seven different airports can be found in the vicinity of the city, but the only one with direct flights to the Netherlands is Los Angeles to International (LAX).


From LAX directly to the Netherlands: KLM

KLM is  the largest Dutch airline company and, thanks to its extensive network, puts the Netherlands on the map worldwide. It is the only airline that offers direct flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) from LAX. This is therefore the best option to visit the Netherlands from LA. Of course there are other companies that can bridge the distance from LA to the Netherlands, but to get to Amsterdam you first have to transfer to another city. Airlines that make this alternative option possible include AerLingus, SAS, IcelandAir, Air Canada and TAP / Airportugal


A comfortable flight to Amsterdam

KLM, short for Royal Dutch Airlines, honors its generous appointment. With excellent care on board, especially on transcontinental flights, and helpful customer service, the company puts customer satisfaction as its number 1 priority. SkyTeam, a partnership between different airlines of which KLM is a part, guarantees a high standard of service and comfort. Travelers flying with KLM also speak positively about the convenience of their travel experience.


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