Air France vs Lufthansa – Which is better?

Air France is a popular airline, which was formed in 1933. Over the years, it has gained a good reputation due to the quality of its airport, products offered onboard, and services. It is based in Paris Charles de Gaulle and operates in several regions globally, including North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Air France is a founding member of SkyTeam, and in 2004 it partnered with KLM to become the France-KLM Group.


On the other hand, Lufthansa is the biggest German airline and oldest in Europe. It is famous as it is rated highly as one of the best European airlines. This German airline has also partnered with other airlines and operates worldwide.


Nonetheless, one may need to compare both to see which one suits them best. Let’s look at each airline separately to find out more about them.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Air France and Lufthansa


Both airlines are great and have gained popularity over the years as one of the industry’s largest competitors. However, they have advantages and limitations, especially in terms of their services and classes.


Air France Advantages


  • It has partnered with KLM.
  • Efficient crew, which allows you to connect flights
  • The airport has great facilities such as a bar, buffet, and shower
  • Meals and snacks are served on board regardless of the class
  • It has great noise-canceling headphones and still, you can choose movies and tv shows to watch.


Air France Disadvantages


  • You cannot tell the difference between economy and business class when it comes to seats.
  • It is quite uncomfortable to sleep due to the hard seats, and space is a bit smaller.



Lufthansa Advantages


  • It is much quicker to pass through security check due to efficiency
  • Good entertainment selection
  • Economy class is comfortable, and you may not see it necessary to pay for an upgrade.



Lufthansa Disadvantages


  • Euh..



What are the Major Differences Between Air France and Lufthansa?


We have looked briefly at both airlines’ pros and cons, but that is not where the differences lie. Here are the main differences between Air France and Lufthansa;





Seats at Lufthansa are way more comfortable and spacious when comparing it with that of Air France.





Lufthansa has a good reputation for keeping time, while Air France is slow with luggage issues and it can be very crowded.





Lufthansa has fewer entertainment options as compared to Air France. In AF, you can select plenty of movies and TV shows.





Air France has a fantastic business section, but you can somehow fail to note the difference between economy and business class when it comes to Lufthansa. On the other hand, the economy section of AF is well-upgraded but not very comfortable, whereas Lufthansa has a great economy class.



Food and Snacks


Air France airline has an extensive menu with great selections. You can order soup, salmon, shrimp, etc. While on Lufthansa, they have economy class passengers receive the same meal with limited selection.




Why Choose Air France?


Air France will be the perfect airline if you like great entertainment options as well as awesome dishes on your flight. It also has a great seating area, which will allow you to arrange your items the way you want. Business-class passengers also get the best priorities, such as luggage access.




Why Choose Lufthansa?


If you are in a hurry, this airline is best for you since their services are fast and efficient as they ensure passengers do not wait too long in the security check area. When you also choose to use Lufthansa, you will not necessarily have to pay for business class because the economy class is also comfortable.


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