30 best gifts for a vacation home

Everyone feels happy when they receive gifts from people who are close to them. If you have friends who are into visiting (and traveling to) their vacation home, you might be wondering how to surprise them the best way.


Here are the 30 best gift ideas for a vacation home:




Vacation home and travel gift ideas No. 1 – No. 10



1. Portable Bluetooth speaker

With a Bluetooth speaker, you can easily watch movies and listen to music with others on your laptop when traveling.



2. Face pot

Gift your traveler friend with a pot that is uniquely quirky to stand out and versatile enough to fit any home décor. You can get them on or offline at affordable prices.



3. Scented candles

The candles will exude a perfect smell to make you fall in love with the room. They come in different sizes and colors.



4. Ocean desk globe

This globe is a perfect gift for those looking to explore the world.



5. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

These packing cubes provide the perfect solution for those looking to keep their luggage organized. Though they can hold many clothes, they are extremely lightweight.



6. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Bouquet of flowers has become common these days. Try something unique, and you will be remembered forever.



7. Hanging frame

Maybe your friend or loved one has a lot of clothes already. What they might be lacking is a hanging frame to keep them organized.



8. Classic slippers

Gift your traveler friend with classic slippers that they can wear and feel comfortable indoors. Be sure to pick the perfect size and color.



9. Photo book

We’ve had enough of Instagram stories already. What we need is a photo book that only we can see and share with the people we love.



10. Travel neck pillow

These are the best things for long-haul flights. Be sure to get one that would support your loved one’s neck properly.




Gifts for new vacation home / houswarming No. 11 – No. 20



11. Filtered water bottle

When traveling, it is great to keep hydrated. But you can gift your friend with filtered water bottles that are uniquely designed.



12. Portable charger or powerbank

Since it is important to stay connected, this portable charger might come in handy when you need to keep your phone powered.


13. Bag for traveling

If your friend or loved one enjoys traveling, then they are going to need more bags. Be sure to pick one that best suits their taste and lifestyle.



14. Candleholder

This one is a perfect gift for those who enjoy having candles in their rooms at night. The candle holders are easy to pack and deliver. They are also affordable.



15. Portable electric coffee maker

If they can’t do without their morning medicine, then giving them a portable electric coffee maker would do the trick.



16. Passport holder

If you enjoy traveling internationally, then you will need a passport holder. Unless you do that, your passport might get beat-up.



17. International plug adapter

If you travel to foreign countries a lot, then you will need a plug adapter. It is great for different sockets so that you don’t get inconvenienced.



18. Portable luggage scale

Airline baggage fees have gone crazy these days. You will be required to pay for everything. Avoid paying extra by carrying your own portable luggage scale.



19. Vacation house kitchen cookware and utensils

This would serve as a great gift for your friend who loves to cook in the vacation home. Think of all the kitchen essentials you own yourself.



20. Noise canceling headphones

The noise canceling headphones are every traveler’s best friend. They have noise-canceling technology to make you feel you are alone.




Best vacation home gift No. 21 – No. 30



21. Blender

If you notice that your friend enjoys smoothies, then a blender would be an ideal gift for them.



22. Cookware Set

Get them a cookware set and remind them that preparing food doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Be sure to get them the best set.



23. Wine glass

There are uniquely designed wine glasses and if your friend is into drinking, then nothing can stop you from getting them one.



24. Glasses holder / spectacle case

These days, everyone puts on glasses to use electronic devices. But when we take them out, we want to ensure that they are safely kept.



25. Move diffuser

You can use this movable diffuser to give the entire room the smell you desire. This one might be a little expensive, but it is worth it.



26. Travel-friendly cologne

A vacation house should have everything needed, such as travel-friendly cologne. It is the best choice for men looking to smell their best when traveling.



27. Bathrobe

There are different types of bathrobes. Some of them are top-quality and are worth taking to a vacation home.



28. Camera

Even if they can use phones to take photos, there are some things that can only be done with cameras, so get them one.



29. Bed Covers

Your loved one might need some bedsheets in their vacation home. You can get them unique bed covers that they will enjoy sleeping on. They come in different sizes, and some can stretch to fit large mattresses.



30. A Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have proven to offer extra relaxation. Stress levels will be even lower when playing a jigsaw puzzle (together) in the vacation home.



Final thoughts on vacation home gifts


Vacation homes are great places, but you can make your friend or loved one enjoy their vacation more by giving them these gifts. You can be sure they will like them as long as you pick the right colors, shapes, and sizes.