Going to the “Amsterdam” beach

Day trip to the beach from Amsterdam

Whatever you’re looking for in a beach, Amsterdam and the surrounding areas have got it. Let’s take a look at just two popular beaches near Amsterdam.

Zandvoort aan Zee

Zandvoort aan Zee is a popular beach along the North Sea, with a beautiful view of the coastline. It is easily reached by a 30-minute train ride out of Amsterdam. This beach has everything: the surf, wonderful swimming, and an alive and well nightlife. You won’t go hungry. Many small stalls sell delicious fish, or herring and pickles on bread, for example, and there is no shortage of fine dining either.Nothing can beat the sunsets anywhere along the west coast of the Netherlands. However, Zandvoort also offers beautiful sand dunes and hiking paths. Rent a bike near the beach, and enter a world of nature close to the beach, but far from the madding crowds. Make sure your camera is ready for the cute deer strolling around.Zandvoort tips:

  • In the summer, start the day early, before the crowds come.
  • Avoid the roads on a summer weekend. Traffic crawls, so take the train instead. The platform is right next to the beach.

Wijk aan Zee

Travelling to Wijk aan Zee, which is north of Zandvoort, will take you a little longer. The train trip from Amsterdam lasts 65 minutes, but if you travel by car, you can reach this very wide, sandy beach in less than 30 minutes. This award-winning beach attracts holiday-makers because, aside from its pursuit of cleanliness, it is a popular venue for kite-surfing, and is a relatively quiet beach.