Best Coastal Towns In The Netherlands ⇒ Dutch Seaside

When you think about beachy destinations, the Dutch coast might not be on the top of your list. The coast is not as glorious and tropical as exotic destinations like Bali, Ibiza and Hawaii, however the Dutch coast still has a lot to offer. And trust us, you probably will be surprised by the beautiful coastal towns. We made a list for you of coastal towns you just can not miss during your visit to Holland.

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1. Texel – The largest Dutch island


Texel is one of Hollands most beautiful islands. When you travel all the way up North via Amsterdam and Alkmaar you will reach a city called Den Helder. Here you can take the ferry for about 25 minutes to Texel. Texel has by far the one of prettiest beaches of the Netherlands. Because it is not as touristic as the mainland the beaches are still in great condition. You can take very long walks at the beach since the beach covers about 18 kilometers of the entire island.

Besides the beach you can also discover Dutch Nature on Texel. Visit the National Park Dunes to explore the typical Dutch landscape of dunes. If you like sea animals you must visit Ecomare, it is like Seaworld on a smaller scale. Book a tour with a guide to get all the ins and outs of Texel and her sealife. Other tips: Best food and shopping will be at ‘De Koog’ and ‘Oosterend’, sightseeing and discovering 15th century house can be done at ‘Den Burg’.



2. Egmond aan Zee – The coastal town for sports


Egmond aan Zee, also Egmond at Sea is located at the province ‘North-Holland’. It is the perfect coastal town for everyone who likes to be active and enjoys outdoor activities. You can practice several (water)activities like surfing, kite surfing and just flying your kite at the beach. Have a look at the renowned resort De Woudhoeve here.

You can also rent a bike and take a beautiful ride along the boulevard. The town is also known for its lighthouse, it is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Netherlands that also is still in function.




3. Bloemendaal Aan Zee – The trendy Dutch coastal town


Bloemendaal aan Zee, also Bloemendaal at Sea is a very hip and trendy coastal destination. It is often compared to Malibu, the Hamptons or Ibiza. You will find the rich and famous at Bloemendaal in one of its trendy beachclubs.

You know how New Yorkers escape the hectic citylife and go to their beachhouse in the Hamptons on the weekends? That is what people from Amsterdam (and other cities in the Netherlands) do with Bloemendaal. If you are in to trendy beachclubs with good food, great drinks and a fun (party) crowd, this is the place for you.



4. Cadzand-Bad – The Dutch, family coastal town


The coastal places above were all-in the North of the Netherlands. Cadzand-Bad is in the opposite direction and is the most southern coastal town of the Netherland. Cadzand-Bad is a coast town in the province of Zeeland, directly at the border with Belgium. It is the perfect place for a (family) vacation as it is very quite, peaceful and child friendly.

Besides a beautiful beach with a lot of restaurants you can also explore surroundings like the nature reserve ‘Het Zwin’. In Cadzand-Bad you will have the opportunity to discover the magical dunes of Zeeland that stretch over a 12 kilomether length of the coast.



5. Scheveningen – The biggest Dutch coastal town


Scheveningen is by far the most popular coastal town of the Netherland. It is just a 10 minute carride away from the city center of The Hague. The coast is comparable to Brighton in the UK or the Jersey Shore in the States. It is always very busy, even during the wintertimes and the boardwalk is very crowded. This is a part of the charm of Scheveningen. It has a very ‘everyone is welcome’ vibe and you will see all kinds of people that are all visiting to have a good time.

When you are on the boulevard and you face the ocean remember that the more you go tot the leftside the busier it will get. The right side of the boulevard, towards ‘het Zwarte Pad’ is a bit more quiet and has less tourists and more local Dutchies. Scheveningen is perfect for surfing and has several surf schools.

Scheveningen also offers many hotels, a lot of trendy beachclubs and restaurants that will make you feel like you are on a holiday somewhere outside of the Netherlands. Tired of the beach? Try the Casino, see a movie at the Pathe Cinema or watch a show at the Circus Theater, all located in a triangle just 2 minutes from the boulevard.



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