Antalya Airport Sleeping Pods And 6 Nearest Best Hotels

Are you on a layover at Antalya Airport and wondering where to catch some rest? Well, worry no more. We’ve got you covered. While the airport does not have sleeping pods available, it has lounges where you can get a few hours of rest before proceeding on your journey. However, for enhanced comfort, hotels are usually the best. Here are the 6 nearest and best hotels near Antalya Airport.



Antalya Airport: What Instead Of Sleeping Pods



1. IC Airport Hotel – 0.4 miles

This hotel is arguably the closest option for you while at Antalya airport. It is only 10 minutes to the city centre and has great amenities to give you great rest on your layover (free airport shuttle).



2. OZ Antalya Resort & Spa – 4.6 miles

Located in the coastal district of Lara, this hotel allows you great views of the sea on your layover or delay. The rooms are stylish and have modern interior touches, including tech items to make your stay memorable.



3. Holiday Inn Antalya – 3.7 miles

This hotel is situated in Eski district and features an outdoor pool, beautiful terraces, and sea views. It is among the best hotels near the Red and White Beach Club. While on your layover, you can explore the neighbourhood as you see aircraft landing.



4. Club Hotel Sera – 4.0 miles

This hotel stands out as one of the most luxurious hotels near Lara Beach. It boasts a beautiful ottoman design and lets you taste fine art touches at every corner. It has an exquisite garden area where you can relax during your layover.



5. Crystal Prestige Elite Otel – 1.2 miles

This hotel is the second closest hotel to the Antalya Airport. With a seafront, the hotel has plenty of facilities and a good selection of food and drinks regardless of the time. If your layover is at night, you will get an excellent show at night.



6. Lara World Hotel – 3.8 miles

Lara World Hotel sits in the Lara area near the city centre and the airport. It has a huge restaurant space, lobby, pool bar, outdoor swimming pool, and children’s facilities. If you are on a flight delay or layover with your children, this is the best hotel.



Antalya Sleeping Pod Conclusion


And there you have it! Unfortunately the airport has no sleep pods or cabins. However these are the best and closest hotels in Antalya Airport!

Even though the airport has sleeping lounges, most people prefer the hotels as they are much more comfortable and convenient. They offer more amenities and allow you peaceful rest during your layover.