35 best birthday gift ideas for a female colleague

Finding a perfect birthday gift for a colleague is difficult. It is even more challenging if the colleague is a woman because women are very opinionated and specific beings. Below are some incredible gift ideas for a female coworker.



Best birthday gifts for a female colleague



1. Wine glasses

It is a perfect gift for her to toast her birthday in style. This is especially perfect if she is a lover of a regular glass of wine. If not, she can also use it for other drinks.



2. Jewelry case

Most, if not all, women love their jewelry. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a jewelry box as a gift.



3. Portable makeup kit

A makeup kit is also a fantastic gift for a colleague who loves her makeup. A portable makeup kit that she can carry to work and anywhere is something that she will truly appreciate.



4. Lipstick case

A (personalized) lipstick case is an elegant and beautiful gift for a female colleague. If you can get one with a mirror, it will be even better.



5. Makeup pouch

There isn’t a gift in the world that wouldn’t appreciate a pretty makeup pouch as a gift. Get her one that can fit in her office bag.



6. Birthday collage

A birthday is a significant milestone for anyone. Therefore, a photo collage would be an incredible way to look back and celebrate the milestone.



7. Colourful scarf

You can get her a colourful scarf that she can wear in several different ways. It is a great gift for summer.



8. Jewelry

Every girl loves jewelry. Therefore, getting a female coworker the gift of jewelry would fill her with love and joy.



9. Pretty wrist support pads

These are adorable computer accessories perfect for a coworker who spends a lot of time typing. It is a stylish yet functional gift.



10. Relaxing eye mask

You can give your colleague a reason to kick back and relax with a particular eye mask.



11. Beverage purse

A beverage purse with a hidden spout would be a fantastic gift for a coworker who enjoys sneaking some wine or any other beverages to work.



12. Ballpoint pens with diamond tips

If your coworker loves to do things the old-fashioned way, like writing notes and letters, then ballpoint pens would be a great addition to her desk.



13. Business card box

A pretty and unique box for storing business cards is an incredible gift for decorating the office desk and using it.



14. Pretty rose gold stationery set

This is an ideal gift for a female colleague who loves rose gold and pink. It is a unique set that she would love to add to her office desk.



15. Flowers

Women are very sentimental beings. Therefore, a bouquet of their favorite flowers would suffice as a birthday gift.



16. Desk clock

A desk clock is a functional gift that can also add aesthetics to an office desk. It is an excellent gift for a teammate or any other senior colleague.



17. Coffee mug

An office birthday wouldn’t be complete without at least one coffee mug as a gift. A personalized coffee mug with a special message is a perfect gift option.



18. Birthday candle

Candles make incredible gifts for anyone. Scented candles would be an ideal gift for a female colleague who loves them.



19. Chocolate

Chocolate is always a great gift for any lady, including coworkers. A box of chocolates or a custom chocolate box is a perfect gift idea.



20. Mason jar garden

If your female coworker is loved bringing homemade food to work, then this is a great gift. You can make it better by personalizing the jar.



21. Business card holder

This is for that female coworker that loves to organize and store things properly. It can also suit one without the organizational-gene.



22. Special cupcakes

A birthday wouldn’t be one without a piece of cake. If you didn’t get a full cake, special cupcakes delivered in a special gift box would suffice.



23. Jewelry dish

This is a gift that she can keep on her vanity or dressing table and remember you for a long time.



24. Yoga mat and yoga mat bag

If your colleague is a yoga enthusiast, then this would be a perfect gift.



25. Can planter

This is the best birthday gift idea for a coworker who is environmentally-friendly.



26. Picture pillow

A pillow is a good gift for that coworker who has been complaining about back pains. A picture pillow is both attractive and beneficial when it comes to getting rid of

back pains.



27. Purse

Next to shoes and jewelry, women love bags and purses; hence it’s a good gift idea.



28. Notepad

This is a go-to gift for that female coworker that is always forgetting to complete particular duties.



29. Perfume

Sharing the same office with a colleague helps you master their favorite scent. Therefore, for the birthday, you can get her favorite perfume.



30. Personalized photo magnets

Your coworker can place the personalized photo magnets on their filing cabinet in the office.



31. Fruit basket

This is an ideal gift for that female colleague who is a health-freak.



32. Pretty mouse pad

This is the best gift to add class and flair to your colleague’s desk office.



33. Neck massager

If your female colleague has been continually complaining about tension in the neck and back, this would be a perfect gift.



34. Personalized coaster set

For a coworker that loves order and cleanliness. It can be used in the office and at home.



35. Apron

Do you have a coworker who loves to bake for the office and hosting barbecues? This is the best gift to get such a colleague.



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