Eight Great Hotels Near The Vondelpark In Amsterdam

hotels near the Vondelplark

When visiting Amsterdam, what could be better than staying near Vondelpark? It is close to the Museum district, the Leidseplein, public transport hubs, and the pick of the pubs.

Best of all, Vondelpark lets you wind down from your touring. After a busy day, take a sedate stroll through the beautiful park, and enjoy a chocolate croissant in the centre of the park, at the Groot Melkhuis.

What about accommodation? You’ll have a tough time choosing from the following selection of hotels, which are all close to Vondelpark.



Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam – for breakfast in bed

How about a century-old canal house opposite one of the entrances to Vondelpark? You’ll find this homey accommodation at the romantic Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam whose environmentally-aware proprietors will bring you your breakfast each morning. Make sure you book well ahead of your planned stay.



Conscious Hotel Vondelpark – the eco-friendly choice


If you choose the Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, you can jump from nature to nature. This unusual hotel is a hop and a skip away from Vondelpark. It makes sense that a hotel that describes almost everything in it with the keyword, sustainable, plants itself (pun intended) so close to one of the largest icons of nature in the Netherlands.



Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam – luxurious, with-it, and holistic


Despite its large size, the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam gives the impression of a luxury boutique hotel. Its size does not take away from the warmth and friendliness of the staff. Its trendy décor enhances the attraction of the Akasha holistic wellness centre. Choose from a large variety of dining options, including Asian cuisine, and in-room service.



Park Plaza Vondelpark – for everything that is perfect


If you’re looking for comfort, cosiness, and a refined style, try the Park Plaza Vondelpark Hotel. The rooms, the Italian restaurant, and the elegance should be enough to make your stay unforgettable, but that’s not all. Add the lovely neighbourhood, Little Paris shopping, the tranquil atmosphere, and the excellent service from the staff, and you’ll wonder why you never visited this hotel before.



Pillows Anna van den Vondel – the green dream


The elegant Pillows Hotel boasts a special, private terrace, where you can escape from the commotion of the street. Sink into the greenery and just relax with a treat from the hotel’s chef, at any time of day. You can also enjoy The Living at the Pillow, a cosy meeting-place with a fireplace and a never-ceasing supply of food that will satisfy your palate.



Roemer Hotel Amsterdam – where the small things in life count the most


The Roemer Hotel Amsterdam does not try to be the biggest and the best, and yet, it gives you everything you need. This includes wonderful service, the mini-bar, tea, and Nespresso in your room, and if you feel a little peckish, the availability of food and snacks at any time. Although, you’ll find lots to do in walking distance, you can hire a bicycle from the hotel if you wish to venture a little further.



Seven One Seven Hotel – for full immersion in the Classics

Each room at the luxurious Seven One Seven Hotel is named after an author, composer, or painter. This touch of the Classics is not only in name. A Shakespearean Sonnet, a sonata score from Schubert, or a Picasso print, for example, may grace your room, and provide you with the real feel of the artist.



Stayokay-Amsterdam VondelPark – for your hostel inside the park

The Stayokay Hostel in Vondelpark is more upscale that your typical hostel. If you consider location to be everything, the Stayokay VondelPark, inside the park, is for you. You will also be at just the right spot for joining any of the tour groups that regularly set out from the hostel.


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