The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Amsterdam

If you are going to Amsterdam, think about visiting the Van Gogh Museum.

The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they hear the name van Gogh is artwork and paintings. Some people will also be quick to associate the name Van Gogh to the conversational references, sliced-off-ear and nights-filled-with-stars. As it turns out, both references are about two of the most famous Van Gogh paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh was a 19th century Dutch painter and one of the most famous and influencer of the western style of art. He made over 2,000 paintings and drawings, including oil paintings, still files and landscapes portraits. Unlike many other artists, he also made self portraits.



Vincent van Gogh’s rise to fame


His work started getting recognition at the start of the 20th century as a talented and misunderstood artist, who portrayed the convergence of madness and creativity. Today, his artwork is the most expensive, especially at art auctions. The Van Gogh Museum honours his legacy by showcasing his paintings and drawings.

Artists and art enthusiasts all over the world are always dazzled by his unique style of expressive bold colours and brushwork. As talented as he was, Vincent Van Gogh did not enjoy commercial success for his revolutionary art pieces. Sadly, he committed suicide at age 37 in France after a long battle with mental illnesses.

The Van Gogh Museum is essentially one stop centre for art enthusiasts who are looking to learn about his personal history and appreciate his artwork. Here, you can find out about his life, get a close up look at his best works and be dazzled by the genus of one of the most iconic painters of the nineteenth century.

The Van Gogh Meseum’s Permanent Collection

Located at the Museum Square in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum was debuted in 1973 and holds the biggest collection of drawings and paintings that he made. It is now the second most-visited museum in the Netherlands and one of the best in Europe.

Here is a list of the permanent collection that the museum showcases:

• Art works by Vincent Van Gogh, consisting of 200 paintings, nine which are self portraits and 400 drawings
• 700 letters that he wrote mostly to his brother Theo Van Gogh
• A collection of paintings by his contemporaries that are mostly associated with impressionism and post-impressionism
• Sculptures by Auguste Rodin and Jules Dalou



Some famous paintings in the Van Gogh museum’s collection


Van Gogh Self-Portrait as a Painter (1888): An oil canvas self-painted portrait. It is always speculated that this could be the last portrait he made. The other self portraits include Van Gogh Include Self Portrait With A Straw Hat, With Straw Hat and Pipe, With Straw Glass and With Felt Hat.

The other paintings include:


• Irises (1890)

• Wheatfield With Crows (1890)

• The Yellow House (1888)

• Field with Poppies (1888)

• The Potato Eaters (1885)

• Almond Blossom (1888)

• Trees with Ivy in the Garden of the Asylum (1885)



Visiting the Van Gogh museum


Visitors are welcome to the exhibition day from 9am to 7 pm on Fridays and up to 9pm on Saturdays. The museum charges an admission fee of about 21 per person.

The visit does not require a tour guide, although taking pictures inside the museum is prohibited. There is also find a cafe inside and a shop that sells artwork-related prints.


If you want to avoid unnecessary delays, you can buy Van Gogh Museum tickets here online.