The twelve best boutique hotels in Amsterdam

best boutique hotel Amsterdam

When you think of boutique hotels, you think of certain things that make a hotel pop out and that one thing that makes them very special. The hotel can be crazy, sexy or cool in design. Or everything combined. Amsterdam is an amazing city to experience some awesome boutique hotels. The city has a a lot of boutique hotels but we made this list for your convenience so you are sure not to miss any of the great boutique hotels.


1. Conservatorium Hotel
The Conservatorium Hotel is a very cool boutique hotel. The atmosphere is fresh and sexy and very unique. The hotel is extremely beautiful in design, and you will feel like you are on the set of some million dollar movie. The hotel has a lot of dark and deep colors and is ideal if you are visiting with a partner.


2. QO Hotel
This boutique hotel is relatively new and already a very hip and trendy place to be within the Amsterdam local crowd. The hotel has a beautiful rooftop bar and restaurant and the rooms are very trendy and chique. They work with a lot of earth toned colors and gold details in their design.


3. Kimpton De Witt
This hotel has a very Scandinavian vibe and is celebrated because of its minimalistic vibes. The rooms are very clean in design and are decorated with copies of work of the Dutch Masters. The common areas are the total opposite of the minimalistic vibe and are very vibrant in color and there are some crazy artworks on the walls.


4. The W Amsterdam
The W is worldwide one of the trendiest and sexiest hotels in the world. The one in Amsterdam is a good example of this. The rooms are sexy and chique and very colorful. In the suites you can also have the option of having ’round beds’ that can move when you turn them on.


5. Adam The First – boutique hotel and hostel
This is the only one in this list that is both a hotel and a hostel. You can chose to stay in a dorm or have your own private room with your bathroom ensuite. They created this concept so everyone could enjoy this funky and hip hotel. The rooms and common areas are colorful and floral. Every room has their own version of a fancy chandelier.


6. XO hotel Van Gogh
This hotel is basic in design. The focus is on the paintings and murals. The name says it all. The entire theme of this hotel is painter V. Van Gogh. Every room in this venue is decorated with copies of his work. It feels like sleeping in a museum.


7. Westcord Art Hotel
This hotel is a bit outside of the city center but perfect if you want to visit a show in Theater Amsterdam. This hotel has 90 rooms and they all have their own vibe and art. The colors of the rooms are mainly white and red. The hotel also has a lot of art in the lobby of local painters.


8. Passengership Avanti
This is one of two boutique botels on this list. It is a hotel on a boat. It is a very cool and popular concept. You sleep on a boat, but it has the same facilities as a hotel.


9. Amsterdam Boat Studio
Another boutique botel. Amsterdam has so many canals and on some of them you can find botels. Not all of them are that great but the one mentioned above and this one are. The difference? The Amsterdam Boat Studio is a bit larger in space and you have your own fully equipped kitchen. It is not a serviced boat als the Passengersship Avanti. Here you cook and clean yourself. But in a very cool setting so it is worth it.


10. Eden hotel Amsterdam
This hotel overlooks the Amsterdam canals. The rooms are cute and a bit basic but the lobby and their restaurant are epic. You have colorful walls, amazing art on the walls and they always play jazzy music.


11. Hotel Jakarta
This hotel looks and feels like you are in Asia. It still is very modern and clean but they have a lot of real trees and plants in the lobby. You will feel like you left the concrete jungle of the chaos of Amsterdam behind you and you walked in to an oasis of peace and greens.


12. Van Rijn serviced apartments
Not a hotel, but too good not to mention it. This will be your home away from home. Especially if you will be a bit longer in town, this is the place to be. This serviced apartment is cool in design, very spacious and they all have a hip interior.