What is a Hotel Room with a Spa Bath or Hot Tub called?

A private Hot Tub or a Spa Bath is a great way to unwind during your hotel stay. Whether you are travelling on business or a holiday, an in-room Spa Bath provides you with a relaxing oasis.



Rooms with a Spa Bath or Hot Tub


A hotel room with an in-room jetted spa tub might be called different things depending on the hotel. Usually, the room refers to the brand of the tub. For example, it might be referred to as a “Suite with Spa Bath”. These rooms might also be referred to generically, such as a “Hot Tub suite” or a different brand, as here at Booking.com.


Many hotels include the type of bed in the name of their rooms. In these cases, the room might be called “King Room with Spa Bath” or “Double Queen Room with Hot Tub”. You might also see hotels call rooms a “Deluxe Room with Hot Tub”.  For example



Finding a Room with a Hot Tub or Spa Bath


To know whether a room has a Hot Tub, look out for these common terms along with the name of the room:


  • Hot tub
  • Spa Bath


Some rooms might not include Spa Bath or Hot Tub in their title. For example, some luxury or honeymoon suites might feature a hot tub although this is not reflected in the room’s name. In these cases, it is helpful to check the list of amenities for each room to confirm whether a hot tub is included, or make sure you get a preselection.



Booking your Hot Tub room


When booking for a hotel room with a hot tub, be sure to check the amenities list on the booking site. This will help you narrow your search when making an online reservation. In no time, you will find any available rooms with a Spa Bath or another type of Hot Tub. Alternatively, scroll through the search results and keep an eye out for rooms with hot tub or similar terms in the title. Similarly, look at the list of amenities.



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