Does Heathrow Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Serving more than sixty million people every year, Heathrow Airport is among the largest international airports in London. It is the seventh busiest airport globally and has various relaxation areas for its passengers, including sleeping pods. Read on!


Sleeping Pods at Heathrow Airport


Layovers can be tiring, especially when it involves long hours. When connecting via Heathrow Airport, you don’t have to worry as the airport has sleeping pods where you can get a power nap before proceeding with your journey.

The pods are located in Terminal 5 in British Airways’ first lounge. This means that only people travelling via British Airways on a first-class ticket can access them. They have been made in partnership with Restworks and named Forty Winks.


Alternatives for Sleeping Pods at Heathrow Airport


Since the seven pods are only for British Airways first-class members, you will need to find facilities nearby. Some of them include:


Aerotel London Heathrow, Terminal 2 & Terminal 3


Hilton Garden Inn London Heathrow Terminal 2 and 3


Within one mile distance, easily reachable via free 24/7 shuttle bus:


Holiday Inn London Heathrow – Bath Road, an IHG Hotel


Hyatt Place London Heathrow Airport


Courtyard by Marriott London Heathrow Airport


Features of the BA Forty Winks Sleeping Pods at Heathrow Airport


Zero-Gravity Positioning

These executive sleeping pods provide maximum comfort for travellers. With their zero-gravity positioning, they enable you to position your body in a state of complete relaxation, helping you fall asleep faster. The position also helps reduce pressure on the spine, enhance blood flow, and promote deeper relaxation.


Privacy Visors

Each sleeping pod is equipped with a privacy visor that can be lowered to provide complete privacy and block out any light or distractions in the surrounding environment. Even if the layover is during the day, you can rest in darkness if you choose to.


Ambient Light

Besides the privacy visor, the pods also have ambient lighting that you can adjust depending on your preferences. The lighting is designed to be soothing, which promotes relaxation and sleep quality, even though it is for a few hours.


Reclining Advantage

These sleeping pods can be reclined for the ideal sleeping position. It allows you to adjust the angle of the bed to your liking, giving you a customized sleeping experience.


Dedicated Audio Content

Each sleeping pod is equipped with a personal audio system that can be used to play music or other audio content. The audio system is designed to be high-quality, with noise-cancelling headphones provided to help block out any noise from the airport. Other options include guided meditations, calming soundscapes, and other relaxation-focused content.


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