How to get to Giethoorn from Amsterdam?

Giethoorn sits in National Park Weerribben-Widen, a stunning landscape with small peat islands connected by more than 170 wooden bridges. The beautiful village is typical of the province of Overijssel, where locals are connected by and with the water. It offers visitors an idyllic setting with thatched farms and canals. Plus, there are fabulous waterside restaurants serving mouth-watering menus for lunch and dinner. Travelling from Amsterdam to Geithoorn is easy, either by train and bus or by car.



Getting to Giethoorn by car


Giethoorn is about an hour and a half’s drive from Amsterdam. There are plenty of places to park in the centre of the picturesque village. You can then explore on foot or bike. You can also rent a canoe to explore the village’s many canals. A popular choice among visitors is to travel by boat with a punter.


The village has a P-Route system for parking. These spots are generally a five-minute walk from a restaurant, boat rental or tour company. P-Route parking spaces in the south of the village are marked red, while P-Route areas in the centre are green. Yellow P-Route spaces are in the north. You can also generally park free at restaurants, boat rentals and hotel car parks.



Travelling from Amsterdam by public transport


There is no train station in Giethoorn. You can travel by train from Amsterdam to the nearest station in Steenwijk. Trains stop in Steenwijk two to four times each hour. The train journey between Amsterdam and Steenwijk is about an hour and a half.


Once in Steenwijk, you can continue your trip to Giethoorn by taxi. Giethoorn is about 8 kilometres away. Bus line 70 towards Zwolle/Genne also connects the two communities once to twice an hour, while line 270 – the Geithoorn Express – runs twice an hour during summers and holidays. Both buses stop a short walk from the village centre. You can also rent a bike from Steenwijk, and the route is relatively flat.


Some tour operators in Amsterdam organise day trips to Geithoorn by bus or van. These can often be arranged through a local travel agency or your hotel.



Travelling to Giethoorn by air


While Giethoorn does not have its own airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is nearby. The drive from the airport to the village is about an hour and 30 minutes.


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