Does Amsterdam airport accept Dollars?

Using Dollars in Amsterdam

It is no secret that Amsterdam airport is one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world. Also known as Schiphol, this airport is not only of importance to the Netherlands but also to the entire European community. Whether departing, passing through or arriving, it is only natural if you desire to buy or sell some few goods in your new country.


Dollars or Euros

With this in mind, in the Netherlands as well as many other European countries, the accepted currency is Euro (EUR, €). This means that if you travel to the vibrant city of Amsterdam from a country that uses a different currency, you will have to change your dollars, pounds, sterling, yens, rupees, etc. to Euros.
Exchange rates rise and fall over time. So, the trick is for you to find the best exchange rate that will charge you fewer fees and/ or commission. Many travellers have reported an excellent exchange rate by using the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). There are lots of Automated Teller Machines in Amsterdam that can be found in and around shopping centres.


ATMs at the airport

However, just in case your needs are not met there, most major big banks have ATMs at the airport, so just use your ATM card when you arrive and proceed with your journey. Airport currency exchange is usually more expensive than using an ATM. You will get twice a better exchange rate when using ATM cards than when exchanging cash at an Airport bank. Try weighing all your options before making a drastic decision concerning your hard-earned money.

Finally, before setting off for abroad, make sure you have enough money in your account to cover for your entire trip. You should also have a backup debit card or credit card and some emergency cash that you can exchange locally once you land.


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