Visiting Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oosterpark

Are you thinking about visiting Amsterdam Oost?

What to expect in this Amsterdam area?

Amsterdam Oost is guaranteed to be one of your loves when it comes to visiting cities and neighbourhoods. Its been visited by many because of its sheer variety and uniqueness, lying between the Amstel River and the IJ.

There are few sights more refreshing to the spirit than nature, and Amsterdam-Oost is one of the greenest parts of the city. There are some awesome parks to visit such as Flevopark and Oosterpark. This is one park where you can get lost in the beautiful landscaped gardens and sit beside a tranquil lake.


Oosterpark – A picturesque paradise

The large park is a haven for everyone looking to chill in an open green space. You can lie under beautiful large trees and listen to the trickle of streams. There is also a wading pool for children, always popular on a hot day and there are plenty of paths for you to walk along. The park also hosts a variety of festivals throughout the summer.



Amsterdam Oost – its there to please you

The beauty about Amsterdam Oost is that you never have to look far to find your next attraction

  • Tropenmuseum has no less than 3 storeys of artefacts and whatever catches your eye, its all presented in a way to stir interest. There are temporary exhibitions as well as a hands-on children’s section, a music section, gift shop and a cafe.
  • Speaking of cafes, you never have to look far to find an attractive, trendy spot to enjoy a meal. This is such a diverse, cosmopolitan neighbourhood which means you can expect to find delicious local fare along with cuisine from many different nations. Whether you’re a vegan or a meat lover or you want gluten-free food, you’ll find everything you want here. There is Asian inspired food, Italian inspired food, there are sushi spots, pizzas, burgers, Mediterranean food, there is seafood, steakhouses, cafes and fine dining – the only thing is finding the time to try them all.
  • Who doesn’t love a flea market as you can always come away with some unexpected buys. The Dappermarket on Dapperstraat is a market where you’re guaranteed to pick up some awesome goods, from jewellery to clothes to soaps, books and toys and you can always find a place to eat and drink too.



Get close-up to a Dutch windmill

There is always something close by to pique your interest, and visitors to Amsterdam refuse to leave before visiting a windmill. Amsterdam’s famous windmill brewery serves craft beer till fairly late. Known as the Brouwerij IJ and located next to the De Gooyer Windmill, the brewery serves certified organic beer and you can also go on a guided tour.



Regeneration brings in new life

The Oost wasn’t always like this. Look closely and you see it’s an area liberally strewn with remnants from the past Amsterdam Oost was once a pretty uninspiring type of place.

Around the turn of the 19th century, Amsterdam expanded towards the east, offering cheap housing for lower-income families. The area has always had a strong sense of community but the government has put in efforts to increase investment in the area. Today it is a vibrant multicultural area getting more attractive all the time.

Apart from government, community groups are also throwing in their weight and working to develop the area’s sense of community with some interesting projects to take the neighbourhood forward.

There has been a flurry of new restaurants, bars and specialty shops mushrooming up, and Amsterdam Oost has become the place to be where you can feel the pulse and where pleasures abound.



The buzzing nightlife of Amsterdam Oost

It is all happening at the hotel in a bar that beats through the night. Canvas is a cool rooftop bar, restaurant and club at the Volkshotel. You’ll love the views from the rooftop terrace and you’ll love the sounds coming from the different DJs music styles. Later on, as midnight approaches, the atmosphere changes as people get ready to club their way into the early hours of the morning.

Of course, when all the fun is over, Amsterdam Oost offers different accommodation options and you can flop into your comfortable room with air-conditioned comfort and recharge yourself for another fascinating day.

There is plenty going on in Amsterdam Oost and one of the best aspects of Amsterdam Oost are the vibey restaurants and bars with their mixed cultures in this particular neighbourhood. When you visit Amsterdam Oost, whether you step inside or outside, this part of the city offers its own special intimacy and charm.


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