Cheap and good budget hotels in Utrecht

budget hotels Utrecht

Utrecht is one of Hollands most popular cities. It is located in the center of The Netherlands and you can easily commute to different cities through out the country. Utrecht is a very charming city. Some compare the city center to Amsterdam, it also has a lot of canals, but it is less crowded. Way less crowded and far more affordable than the capital city. If you want to stay in Utrecht but don’t exactly know where to stay at, continue reading. We found the 5 best and most affordable hotels in the city center, just for you!




Cheap Utrecht hotel No. 1. Bunk – €45,- 165,- a night


Bunk is a very cool combination of a hotel and a hostel, all in one. This venue is located in the city center of Utrecht and has different roomtypes. You can stay in a dorm, the most affordable option. You can also stay in a private room with ensuite facilities, the more expensive option. The dorm type rooms are filled with bunkbeds. Every bunkbeds has its own curtain so you will have your own privacy. If you want more privacy or you are traveling with friends, book one of the private rooms. They have rooms with a max occupancy of 4 so you can bring your entire click. It is a very trendy place and most of their guests are between 18-40.




Cheap hotel No. 2. Loft 188 Stylish & Luxury apartment hotel €95,- to €170,- a night


Okay, okay, we know what you think. How on earth is €170,- a night cheap? Well it is not if you have to pay for it yourself, but if you split it between your friends it will be. This way you will get an entire luxury apartment for your self. The apartment has its own kitchen so you will safe a lot of money if you don’t eat out for every meal. This place will feel like your home away from home. With staff that is reachable 24/7 you will feel like a king or queen during your stay. Breakfast will be served daily and with a 5 minute walk you are in the busy shopping streets of Utrecht!




 Cheap hotel No. 3. Petit Beijers – €65,- to €130,- a night


This hotel has a cosy vibe to it. It is located in the industrial city center but the venue has a very ‘farm vibe’ to it. The rooms are cute and cosy, the beds are decorated with colorful pillows and most of the rooms come with decorational chandeliers. When you leave the venue you already are in the city center. It is a perfect place to stay if you want to discover the heart of Utrecht, visit musea and explore all the delicious lunchspots!




Cheap hotel No. 4. Intell Hotel Utrecht City Center – €75,- to €225,- a night


This hotel is the perfect luxury hotel that is still very affordable. You have different roomtypes in this hotel. The basic luxury room is the cheapest. You have a very comfy bed, a desk with a chair (perfect if you are on your business trip) and a luxury bathroom. If you want to spend a bit more you can upgrade your room to a ‘spa room’. In the spa room you will have your own jacuzzi, yes, in your own room. You can enjoy the city views while sipping on some champaign in your indoor jacuzzi. The hotel also has a swimming pool and gym that is available for all the guests.




Cheap Utrecht hotel No. 5. Brass – €75,- to €120,- a night


This hotel in the city center of Utrecht and  will make you feel at home. Their aesthetic is very cosy and modern at the same time. The hotels are mainly white but with hints of color in their decor. They also paid a lot of attention to decorating each room beautifully. Every room has its own cute little nook with a table and two chairs. A perfect place to sit back and plan the next day in the city. If you are looking for a venue with a beautiful aesthetic in the city center, this is the place for you!



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