25 Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands and one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city is full of energy and activities that make it one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Be it locals or visitors, the city welcomes everyone. Starting from tourist places in Amsterdam to nightlife in Amsterdam, you can enjoy everything when you are sure about the best things to do in Amsterdam. We will shortly provide you with a handy guide of Amsterdam so that you do not miss important places off your checklist.

Now let’s look at the 25 Best Things to do in Amsterdam

Visit Boom Chicago

things to do in Amsterdam

Boom Chicago is one of the popular comedy clubs in Amsterdam. If you are in the mood for a good laugh, head over to Boom Chicago. The acts are a blend of American and Dutch culture which provides the audience with diverse experience. Some of the most famous shows include Mezrab, The Comedy Embassy and easylaughs.

Rent your own boat

things to do in Amsterdam

Looking for romantic places for couples in Amsterdam and want to fully enjoy a cruising experience in Amsterdam with your partner? Then renting a boat is the best way to go about it. If you are with your partner or friends, plan for it and enjoy a cruising experience on your own terms. Just remember to have a sober driver at all times.

Watch a live game

things to do in Amsterdam

Are you a football fan? You may just be lucky enough to find a scheduled game of the famous Ajax team in Amsterdam. You’ll get to see some of your favourite players and experience real live action. Johan Cruijff ArenA is the home ground for AFC Ajax team. If you are looking for something adventurous and sporty, this can be one of the things to do in Amsterdam during your visit.

Taste centuries of cheese history at Reypenaer’s tasting room

things to do in Amsterdam

Are you a fan of cheese and would like to enjoy a taste of cheese from different times? The Reypenaer’s tasting room is definitely the place for you. They have a variety of cheese and a story behind all of them. It is the perfect place for cheese enthusiasts. You can also order various cheeses online when you are sure what did you like the most. That’s one of the unique places to visit in Amsterdam.

Climb the Westertoren

things to do in Amsterdam

At 40 meters, it is the highest tower at the center of Amsterdam. Climbing enthusiasts can visit the tower in summer when it’s opened and get to experience the thrills of the tower.  Dating back to 1638 it is super historic, with the crown of Emperor Habsburg at the top and the tomb of Rembrandt and others below it. Tickets are only guided tours (€7.50) and only a maximum of 6 people can climb every 30 minutes with a guide. You can reserve your spot at your preferred time and get to enjoy this climbing experience to get a clear view of the old city from the top making it among the best places to see in Amsterdam.

Bike to ouderkerkaan de amstel

things to do in Amsterdam

Only a 30-minute bike ride from the city center is the Ouderkerkaan de Amstel. This picturesque township retains its unique identity with the surrounding lush botanical swamps that extend between the southern arms of the city and is connected to Amsterdam via Amstel River. It is also home to some upscale restaurants, such as Jaimie van Heije, which offer an inviting environment. If you are in Amsterdam and looking to relax with sceneries around, this should be in your list of things to do in Amsterdam.

Party at the Ruigoord

things to do in Amsterdam

Located in the western part of Amsterdam Harbor, this former village is a sanctuary for many artists. At Ruigoord, you get to experience the thrill and creativity of these artists every time you attend an event. The best party of the year is the five-day Land Jewel Festival, held on August 2nd to 6th every year and full moon party is also an attraction of the place. You will undoubtedly experience something different if you are confused about what to do in Amsterdam.

Do a kopstoot

things to do in Amsterdam

This is a tulip glass of traditional jenever accompanied by a full beer chug. It is a drinking ritual done by the Dutch. You need to have it at one of the oldest bars in the city. It should in your list if you are wondering about things to do in Amsterdam at night.

Experience a bubble fountain on Frederiksplein

things to do in Amsterdam

The famous bubble fountain on Frederiksplein is one spectacular site to visit. The lighting around and on the fountain give it a unique setting, especially at night. You will want to take some photos at the fountain during your visit to Amsterdam.

Take a canal cruise

things to do in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam canals are one of the top tourist destinations. You can take a guided cruise through the city to see some famous sites such as the Skinny Bridge and Golden Bend. You can also go for a dinner cruise and enjoy cocktails on your ride through the city.  It is advisable to go for a semi-open boat to enjoy a detailed canal cruise, especially for first-timers. Do not miss the Canal Cruise if you are in Amsterdam especially in the evenings.

Amsterdam’s kingsday

things to do in Amsterdam

If you want to experience a Dutch holiday in the Netherlands, then Kings Day is your day. The Dutchmen dress in beautiful orange colours to celebrate the king’s birthday on April 27th. The entire city becomes a big gathering of people and local markets selling music, a variety of drinks, food, and costumes. It is a fun and colourful event worth your time. It is also among one of the important events in Amsterdam.

Buy a senz umbrella

things to do in Amsterdam

Looking for Dutch souvenirs? Why not get a Senz umbrella. They are funny shaped umbrellas that were designed as a Dutch moniker. If you are planning to buy some gifts for your loved one, why not try one of these unique gifts from Amsterdam?

Explore Amsterdam’s countryside

things to do in Amsterdam

Traveling to Amsterdam is one thing, but spending a day or two traveling to the countryside is a whole different experience. This tour offers some interesting sights such as the windmills that help power Amsterdam and the famous picturesque village of Volendam. You also get to have a taste of the famous Dutch cheese and experience the wooden craftsman’s show for a complete Dutch experience.

Shop around in Amsterdam districts

things to do in Amsterdam

Want to go shopping? You can find a variety of stores such as H & M and Zara along Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat streets. Also, you can visit Bijenkorf which is Amsterdam’s largest shopping centre for a variety of shops and stores of your preference. If you are tired and hungry after long hours of shopping, you have a variety of great restaurants and cafes where you can have delicious meals. Shopping is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam as you can buy something different and valuable for your loved ones.

Delve into the vibrating Amsterdam nightlife

things to do in Amsterdam

Nightlife in Amsterdam is really thrilling and the young crowd is respectful towards each other as well. Whether you want to relax or have a fun dance experience, the vibrant clubs in Amsterdam have you covered. Marie Heineken Plain, Gerard Du Plain and Westerstraat are home to excellent bars and cafés. Head to one of the rooftop bars where you can enjoy some good beer and breath-taking views of Amsterdam.

Play drag-queen bingo

things to do in Amsterdam

It is a famous and fun raunchy game in Amsterdam that happens every Tuesday night at Queen’s Head. If you are looking for fun filled activities in Amsterdam, it should be in your list.

Visit Ripley’s believe it or not

things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s version of Ripley’s believe it or not is one of the most interesting places to visit in Amsterdam. You get to see various Guinness Book of World Records and listen to the stories behind the precious pieces and artifacts collected by world traveller Robert Ripley. It is a must visit place in Amsterdam if you are already in the city.

Drink a walking dead cocktail

things to do in Amsterdam

This is a strong, famous cocktail in Amsterdam so you’ll probably need a ride home. You can only have one of these as the bar staff won’t let you have another. But give it a try, it’s fun.

Heineken brewery tour

things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to the famous Heineken beer. You can visit their brewery and get to have the Heineken Experience which includes many historic handicrafts and a variety of beer coasters. You get to learn about the brewing process and enjoy mouth-watering drinks.

The tour section will guide you through the brewery and show you how to make beer. You can see a large hop jar, taste pure beer and watch the process from the start to the end.

Visit Europe’s highest swing

things to do in Amsterdam

A’dam Lookout is the Europe’s highest swing in Amsterdam and gives you a 360 degrees picture of the city. At 100 meters, this is the scariest bungee jump in all of Europe. Its thrill and view of the Amsterdam city make it one of the most popular places in Amsterdam.

Eat a foodie pop-up

things to do in Amsterdam

It is a combination of French fries with cream and ketchup. This might seem odd to some at first but they are really tasty. You will find these at almost every restaurant in Amsterdam.

Relax in Vondelpark

things to do in Amsterdam

Treat yourself to the green oasis of lawns, ponds, forests and winding paths of Vondelpark. In addition to street artists and street performers, the open-air theater also offers music, dance, jazz, cabaret, comedy and children’s theaters during the summer. It is the ideal place for a picnic or a park date. If you are looking for best places for couples in Amsterdam, then you can visit Vondelpark.

Visit Anne Frank’s house

things to do in Amsterdam

Anne Frank was, of course, one of Amsterdam’s most famous residents. She lived in a secret annex during the Second World War and was taken to a concentration camp. You can visit the hidden house on the Princesengracht canal where Anne and her family lived. If you are willing to experience historical places, then do not miss this to add in your things to do in Amsterdam list.

Visit the animal kingdom at Artis Zoo

things to do in Amsterdam

The Artis Zoo is located in the lush area of Plantage. It is one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful Zoos with more than 900 species of animals. There is also a planetarium, an aquarium with coral reefs, a petting zoo, an African savannah, and rainforest area and a small exhibition of microbe animals.

Chill out at a Brown Café

things to do in Amsterdam

A brown café is a traditional Dutch pub whose name comes from the fact that the walls have been smoked for many years. They often have dark brown wood panelling with a candle placed on the tables which makes them attractive, comfortable and welcoming.

Wrapping up

It is evident that Amsterdam has a lot to offer to the tourists and locals. These are just but some of the places and activities the city has to offer. With this said, it is important to budget for your trip and activities as well as ensure you stay safe and do not break any laws. At the end, you will return with tons of memories visiting Amsterdam. Things to do in Amsterdam are numerous and you need to have a handy list of places as per your interest to make the most of the city.

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