Amsterdam Dance Event – What it’s all about?

Wat is Amsterdam Dance Event?

The name of the event does not quite tell you what it’s all about. One would think that the Amsterdam Dance Event would be all about dancing – a dance festival, in fact. Well, in a way it is all about dancing, but really, it’s not only that.

What is the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)?

The Amsterdam Dance Event is all about electronic music. And what is electronic music, if not dance music? With 15 years of experience, it is the largest electronic dance music festival you’ll find today.

There are two parts to the ADE – the learning and the partying. The Amsterdam Dance Event has succeeded in uniting these two happenings: the Conference and the Festival.

When is the ADE?

In 2019, the ADE takes place during five days in October: the 16th till the 20th.

Where is the ADE?

You’ll find the ADE all over Amsterdam, which becomes the ADE while it takes place. The city absorbs the awareness and the atmosphere, and is abuzz with excitement, during this long weekend of events, at approximately 560 venues.


What is the difference between the ADE Conference and the Festival?

The ADE Conference

The Conference offers a huge selection of sessions. Most, but not all, are daytime events. The large variety of speakers and Conference Events does not allow one to narrow down the categories, because the selection of sessions covers all you need to know about current trends in electronic music. However, you can loosely discern two themes in the conference sessions. One theme is aimed at inspiring newcomers to this exciting field, and even to stir veterans with a thing or two. The other theme is the sharing of knowledge about business trends in the field.

Take a look at just a small selection of Conference sessions:

The ADE Festival

The Festival is one big party! Most events are at night, but there are plenty to satisfy you during daytime hours as well. You’ll find top artists from all over Europe and the USA, together with new entries to the genre of electronic music. Don’t miss AMW.FM’s ADE Live. ADE Live is going into its fourth year.

Consider some of the following events:

What kind of tickets are available for the ADE?

A number of packages are available for the ADE. They combine different types of events. One package even includes a hotel. Single tickets are also available. Take a look at the various combinations that are available. And then—learn, dance, listen, sing, and enjoy! 🙂