Visiting the Netherlands from America

Visiting the Netherlands from America

Amsterdam is a world-class tourism destination with an international airport, as well as train and bus stations. No matter the means you use to get there, you will find that it is well-equipped to receive visitors. When travelling to the Netherlands from America, you have two options. You can travel by sea or air. With a little preparation and information, you’ll find it easy to reach the Dutch capital.



Entry & Exit Requirements

US citizens travelling to the Netherlands by air or sea need to have valid travel documents. This is also inclusive of US citizens re-entering the country. Passports are the preferred form of identification for both adults and children. Therefore, if you want to travel to the Netherlands with your children, you need to ensure they have their passports and they are valid. The passport must be valid for at least 3 months prior to the departure date. However, it is recommended that you have them valid 6 months prior to the departure date. It is also required that they have at least two blank pages to stamp. US citizens do not need a visa unless they plan to stay longer than 90 days. Those seeking to have a brief visit can take advantage of this. For the latest information on the conditions of departure and entry abroad, please visit the U.S State Department’s website.



Getting There

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main international airport and gateway to the Netherlands. The airport is 13 km from the city and has direct rail links to and from the city centre of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. Visitors from America can take direct flights to Amsterdam from New York, Boston, San Francisco, or Chicago. Also, they can opt for a cruise to the Netherlands. Stenaline Ferry and P & O Ferry regularly serve the Dutch port of Rotterdam through the UK. In addition, the high-speed train connects many large cities in the Netherlands to neighbouring European countries. This is an added advantage in case one would like to tour the neighbouring countries.



Getting Around

The Netherlands is so small that domestic air travel is often impractical. National rail networks and intercity bus services are the best way to travel due to their efficiency and affordability. NV Nederlandse Spoorwegen is a state-owned railway company with regional subsidiaries including Syntus and Arriva. In terms of urban transport, there are buses and trams that offer access to many parts of the Netherlands. Visitors can use OV-Chipkaart to access various types of public transport, such as trams, buses, and subways in most cities in the Netherlands. Cardholders only need to buy a card and recharge it. Each time you swipe your card, the fare will be deducted from the balance. A higher credit limit allows you to travel between cities by bus and train.



Culture and Norms

The Netherlands, though a Dutch native country, comprises different cultures and races from all over the world. Visitors from America can expect a blend of different cultures and norms. There, however, American stores and restaurants all over the Netherlands. It is the perfect place to experience life from a multicultural perspective.

The Netherlands has a lot to offer to its American visitors. From thrilling canal cruises to the country’s diverse cultural heritage, it is the ideal place to have a holiday at or just visit. The 90-day non-visa period favours American visitors as they can stay in the Netherlands with just a passport for a maximum of 90 days. Blending into the country is fairly easy and fun at the same time. You’ll never run out of places to visit in the Netherlands.


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