Twelve boutiques in the centre of London

boutiques in London city centre

Affordable, fashionable clothes and accessories are available in London, but you won’t just find them anywhere in the city. This is why we have decided to share with you the twelve affordable boutique hotels in the centre of London. Read on to discover some of the best places to fashion-shop while visiting one of the largest cities in the world.


1. Anna

In the exquisite enclaves of East Angelia, Anna boutiques are attractively positioned. The founder of the place, Anna, had a thing for colour, and it is evident in her irresistible choice of fashion. This is one of the most affordable boutiques with a plethora of collections.


2. Cristobal

The church street is parked with wonderful dealers in antiques. However, Cristobal is the home of everything you need to have in the categories of fashion and style. Their collection is sourced from all parts of the world. If you are a cultured person, you have to visit this place for your favourite wear.


3. Diverse

This hub of fashion has existed for at least 28 years, and it keeps getting better. Whether you like modern or antique designs, they have your back. You have not shopped in London unless you set foot into this incredibly designed boutique.


4. Hub

As the name suggests, you are free to get picky in this boutique, and you still won’t miss a thing or two to carry home. The sellers here share similar tastes with their clients. This way, they have been able to collect the right items and make them available at unbelievably affordable prices.


5. Lark London

A modern, former model and merchandiser by the name of Phoebe Pring founded this boutique. Looking for crisp chambray? This is the place to find it. They also have some of the best ankle boots for kids, males and females.


6. II Boundary

This is the place to be if you are looking for contemporary labels such as by Winter Kate, Malene Birger, and LNA. They also stock accessories from House of Harlow and Tom Ford. They have a unique taste of style that they are willing to share with you at pocket-friendly prices.


7. 69b

This dazzlingly designed boutique is sure proof that fashion has become highly sophisticated. They get extremely careful when selecting the right items for their stylish clients. This has earned them a reputation of being kings of great deals in the Eastern part of London.


8. Celestine Eleven

This place has zinc counters and zinc concrete. But that is not all; it also has what you are looking for in terms of fashion. And you know what? You won’t part with large sums of money to get their latest trends in the world of fashion. It is one of the few boutiques in London that live up to their names.


9. EC One

When it started operating, at least 22 years ago, EC One was the only place you could find fine costume jewellery in a contemporary setting. Thankfully, they have worked hard enough to stand out from the competition. EC One is the place to go if you need to hear new names and even try them out.


10. House of Hackney

This boutique has a bold homeware collection which is equalled by a vibrant fashion line originating from new British labels. Shoes, clothes, and accessories form the primary aspect of fashion, and they have all the big names you can think of.


11. Start London

This home of fashion is run by the larger-than-life Brix Smith Start. It is arguably one of the best fashion destinations in East London. It is packed with amazing luxury fashion.


12. The Goodhood Store

This place is spacious, with items beautifully arranged to give you pleasurable shopping experiences. They are keen on stocking unique fashion accessories and sell them at affordable prices.



London is one of the biggest cities in the world. The fact that it is packed with luxury fashion stores makes it an interesting place to take your lifestyle to a new level. Visit one of the boutiques above, and change your look at a very low price.