Travelling to the Netherlands from Australia – things to know

ravelling to the Netherlands from Australia
The Netherlands is known for its unparalleled beauty, culture, and traditions. Australians have little to worry about when traveling to the Netherlands. These two countries have a bilateral agreement for those working and living in both countries. Since time immemorial, Australia has been working hand in hand with the Netherlands in terms of investments and tourism.
The two countries exchange goods through imports and exports. The Netherlands prides itself on exporting coffee, pharmaceutical products, and medicaments to Australia. On the other hand, Australia is the largest exporter of medical instruments, coal, oleaginous fruits, beef, and oilseeds to the Netherlands. The following are a few tips you should know before travelling to the Netherlands from Australia.

Travel documents for the Netherlands

To enter the Netherlands, you need a valid passport. However, tourists from Schengen country are not required to present their visas to Dutch authorities. Australians are only required to submit their national identity cards. Passports should be varied for at least three more months; beyond the period the visitor is expected to stay in the Netherlands.

Book accommodation in advance

Booking your accommodation earlier enough will give you peace of mind. During peak season, furnished apartments in Amsterdam are always full. This means you may lack space and end up queuing if you don’t do it online. Online booking is preferred since its more accessible and convenient.
If you are visiting popular museums, you should consider buying an Amsterdam city card. With this card, you will access most cultural sites free of charge. Renowned cultural Centre’s includes the Tulip Museum, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

Are you an English speaker? No need to worry

Dutch are fluent English speakers. There you can interact with them and ask for recommendations and directions comfortably in English. However, you should strive to know one or two Dutch words. It is the most straightforward language to learn.

Dutch are not rude

Don’t be upset if a Dutch is too direct. They are used to being direct and putting things as they are. This might be confused with being rude, which is a misconception. They are rather a bit too sincere and don’t shy away from turning down your offer. They aren’t sorry about disappointing you. Therefore, don’t expect their “No” to be accompanied by an explanation.

The Red-Light District is a “Holy Ground” during the day

During the day you can hardly tell that the street is famous for obscene. The street usually operates just like any other business street. When dark knock, neon lights turn on, and the atmosphere changes to partying mood.

Avoid taking pictures of ladies at the district

Taking pictures of the ladies in the windows is considered rude. This is not an animal park where you take a picture after another. People will despise you, and you may end up losing your phone in the commotion.
When these girls notice you are trying to take a sneaky picture, they usually come and snatch your phone. They then throw it to the nearest canal to teach you a lesson.

Stay alert in the bike lanes

Bikes are the simplest and most convenient items of transport in Amsterdam. Watch out when using the bikes to avoid being treated harshly by the locals. The lanes are painted red and have several symbols of bikes. This is done to differentiate them from other lanes. Sounds of angry bells are an indicator that you are interfering with cyclists. When this happens, kindly move off the cycling lanes to avoid getting hit.