In which continent and country is Amsterdam?

Where is Amsterdam, which continent?

Amsterdam is a Dutch city located south of North Holland province. The city forms the capital of the Netherlands and located North West of the Europe continent. Amsterdam is the largest of all cities situated in the Netherlands nation (sometimes referred to as Holland)  with Hague seating as the horn of government within the state. So the Netherlands and Amsterdam are not the same, they are country and capital.

Based on the quality of living perspective, 2018, Mercer’s survey ranked the city position 12. Amsterdam is centrally situated within the state of Holland. The Netherlands borders the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium to the south, and Germany to the east.

The city holds a position among the safe cities being the cultural capital. Within Amsterdam, one stands assured of enjoying a variety of leisure events like biking and cycling. The only thing to avoid while in the streets is cyclists. The uniqueness of the city and its scenic appearance keeps it occupied and busy all through.



What are the top attractions in the city of Amsterdam?


If you are planning to visit the city of Amsterdam, then you made the right decision. The city has a variety of events grouped into leisure, art, and museum. The city activates the desire for art and quality. Some top scenic areas to get serene experience include; the life of Anne Frank walk tour. In this tour, you enjoy expert guidance about the life of the writer.

Other experiences and sites not to miss include the following;

• Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum
• Hop-on, hop-off bus tour with a boat ride
• The Amsterdam canal ring- enjoy a scenic view of the famous canal ring with a ferry or over the dry land.
• Museumplein – gross green space and extensive shopping within the museum.
• The red light district– enjoy hip and scenic night scenery of the red district when on a night tour.
Heineken Experience– The established beer producers will take your memories in past centuries around 1864 with original taste and memories.

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, you now know on which continent is Amsterdam. You additionally understand a bit what to expect 😉


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