Observing from the A’DAM Lookout

ADAM Lookout view

Are you ready for an incredible ride? Problem is – it takes just twenty seconds. Is it worth it? Yes, because there’s much more waiting at the end of the ride.

We are referring to the elevator ride to the top of the A’DAM Lookout. (the picture above is a small impression)

The amazing elevator

You won’t be lulled to sleep with “elevator music” in this elevator. Instead, you’ll be treated to a sight and sound show that will take you out of this world, to the A’DAM Lookout. A great wake-up call if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, and an exciting start to what awaits.

The A’DAM Lookout

The A’DAM Lookout occupies floors 19, 20, and 21, at the top of the A’DAM Tower, opposite the Centraal Station in Amsterdam North.

Floor 19

The aptly-named Moon restaurant on the 19th floor is a revolving restaurant that provides you with a 360° view of all Amsterdam, while you enjoy lunch before visiting the Lookout, or dinner after visiting the Lookout.

Floor 20

The indoor A’DAM Lookout observation deck graces the 20th floor of the Tower. The view is 360° around, and the glass panels are tilted at an angle, giving you a full view of Amsterdam from all directions. This observation deck provides a lounge for relaxation, as well as snacks, drinks, and light meals. Floor 20 also includes an informative, interactive display that focusses on the cultural side of Amsterdam.

Floor 21

Last, but not least, the Sky Deck on the 21st floor lets you experience panoramic views of Amsterdam in the fresh air. Take in the 360° view of the beautiful city, as well as the sights further afield. Yes, you can see that far from the A’DAM Lookout. Then, if you dare, you can Swing Over The Edge of the deck! At 100 meters above the deck, you’ll be experiencing the thrills of the highest swing in Europe.

Interesting ways of reaching the A’DAM Lookout

The A’DAM Lookout is centrally located and easy to find. Various ticketing options are available online. However, there are a couple of interesting ways of reaching the Lookout that can augment the thrill of the experience.

Free ride on the ferry

The Buiksloterweg ferry will take you across the IJ River, from behind the Centraal Station. Enjoy the views while ferrying across the river, then walk just a few minutes to reach the A’DAM Tower.

Rock the City

Combine a visit to the A’DAM Tower with the three-part Rock the City tour. Rock the City includes the Heineken Experience, a canal cruise, and the A’DAM Tower. Let’s not forget – also included in the combination package are “two perfectly chilled beers”.